I started following cricket world cup since 2003 as before that I was too small to understand the definition of world cup. Hence I will evaluate the performance from 2003 cricket world cup.

2003 cricket world cup
2003 cricket world cup was in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. It was an Australian era. Australia was unbeatable during that period. Only team came nearby to Australia in that world cup was India. In that whole world cup India only lost to Australia. Zimbabwe and Kenya made most of the home conditions while South Africa chocked again. This is how the teams played in that world cup. Now let’s come to the contest between bat and ball. There was great contest between bat and ball in 2003 cricket world cup. It was really tough to get 300 runs on the board. In 2003 cricket world cup 54 matches were played and there were only 9 occasions on which the mark of 300 runs was crossed. Out of those 9 occasions, Australia which was dominant team through out crossed it 4 times and 2 times it was crossed in the clash of minnows. These numbers prove that it was a great contest between bat and ball and it was tough to get to 300 run mark in that world cup. Apart from that average run rate in final 10 overs batting first was 7.44 runs per over which proves that bowlers were given some sort of respect in that world cup.
2007 cricket world cup
In 2007 we were still in the Australian era of cricket. Australia was still the team to beat. Over the four years standards of batting improved a lot. During that period teams crossed 400-run mark couple of times. Surprisingly 400+ total was chased as well. 2007 cricket world cup was in West Indies. It was again that world cup which was dominated by Australia. Teams like India and Pakistan were out of it from the group stage. 51 matches were played in that world cup and there were 16 occasions where teams touched the mark of 300 runs. Teams crossed 350 run mark 6 times in that world cup. India was the only team to touch 400 run mark in that world cup. India scored 413 against Bermuda which was highest total in the world cup. Apart from that average run rate in final 10 overs batting first was 7.89 runs per over. It proves that standards of batting improved a lot during that time. Batsmen had become ruthless and bowlers had to work hard for their wickets.
2011 cricket world cup
During the period from 2007 to 2011 the way to play the game changed due to advent of T20 cricket. Apart from that there were changes in rules as well. During that period bats got thicker, powerplay rules were amended. In short there were lot of changes in the methods of the game. 2011 cricket world cup was played in sub continent (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). It was dominated and won by India. It brought an end to the Australian era. In that world cup 49 matches were played and teams touched the 300 run mark 17 times. Sub continent pitches are batting friendly but it assists spinners as well. So it was tough for the teams to cross 350 run mark. There were very few occasions in that world cup where teams scored 350 runs. Average run rate during the final 10 overs batting first was 7.64 during that world cup and it was the only statistic which saw a drop compared to last world cup. It was a great world cup where batsmen had upper hand but spinners got their value as well. Even fast bowlers like Zaheer Khan were given lot of respect. I think in that world cup there was improvement in both the departments (batting and bowling).
2015 cricket world cup (so far)
During the period from 2011 to 2015 again there has been changes. There has been changes in the rules of powerplay and fielders in the 30 yard circle. Hence batsmen and bowlers has changed their method of play. 2015 cricket world cup is currently going on in Australia and New Zealand where pitches has pace and bounce. In this world cup 49 matches are to be played. Pitches in Australia and New Zealand supports fast bowlers but this world cup is going other way round. Batsmen have dominated in this world cup so far. 27 matches has been played so far and 300 run mark has been crossed 18 times. Even 400 run mark has been crossed thrice in these 27 matches. Batsmen have become completely ruthless as we have already seen a double hundered (fastest), fastest 150 &18 ball 50. If these are the highlights of the world cup then imagine batsmen are making 150s, 20 ball 50s easily. There has been moments for the bowlers as well but very few as 300 run mark has become a joke in this world cup. Average run rate in last 10 overs while batting first so far is 10.81 and it is around 11 because of minmows. All the top teams are scoring at the rate of 15 runs per over in last 10 overs. I am sure as the world cup goes on many more records will be made.
According to me the standard of performance has increased over the period of time. It a batsman’s game. There is not much respect for bowlers but bowlers who bowl at the speed of 140+ get some respect from the batsman. Commercially it is good for the game as people love to see those big hits from the word go but soon the time will come when no one would like to be a bowler. I think ICC needs to work on the rules, they need to put something for the bowlers in it but the standards has increased by players. Batsmen are scoring big amount of runs quickly. On the other hand bowlers are swinging the ball faster and fielders are throwing themselves at everything. Overall it has become more entertaining over the period of time.
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