Virat Kohli. Flamboyant & super aggressive cricketer. Since he has made his debut he hasn’t looked back. He has made loads of runs for India. He has broken lots of records & has been compared with the god of cricket but he also has been in spotlight for his temperament towards the game. He has been warned for his out of control aggression, on field spats, abusing people & display of anger. Noone is bigger than the game. Neither he nor anyone else. He is an asset to the team as a batsman and a fielder & now Kohli is a captain of India’s test side.
As a captain Kohli becomes completely different player & individual. What I like the most about Kohli the captain is he knows how to respect the seniors. We shouldn’t forget he has been nurtured among the players like Sachin Tendulkar & Rahul Dravid. So unlike other captains he knows how to respect the players from whom he has learnt a lot. As soon as he became the captain of test side he brought Harbhajan back in the side. Harbhajan had a great IPL season and you can’t keep players like Harbhajan out of the side for long. Harbhajan made a remarkable comeback in the test team. After Harbhajan he brought Mishra back into the side for the tour of Sri Lanka. Mishra was quite handy at Sri Lankan pitches. He was one of the key players for India on that tour.
Not only Indian players he knows how to respect opposition as well. It was the last series of Sangakkara & Kohli  made it special for him. Sangakkara got guard of honour in last couple of innings he played. When Sangakkara got out in his last inning Kohli rather than celebrating went to congratulate him on his great career & whole team followed Kohli in that gesture. At that moment Kohli earned my respect. I mean you should know how to respect your seniors. I have critcised Kohli a lot for his behaviour on the field but these kind of things shows there are two sides of him.
One side of him is completely ruthless and aggressive. He is highly aggressive towards the players who don’t play the game in the right spirit. Teams like Australia who never play the game in right spirit sees the aggressive side of him. There are some players who cannot play the game without doing sledging. Kohli do tit for tat with such players that’s why he has been part of various on field spats. But there is another side of Kohli as well which respects the great players which we recently saw on the tour of Sri Lanka. That side of Kohli makes him a great player. Amit Mishra, Harbhajan Singh & Sangkkara has witnessed that other side of Kohli. I think that other side of Kohli will make him a successful captain.
In Sri Lanka he led the team from the front and as a result we won the test series in Sri Lanka after 22 years. I like his attitude as a captain. He hates loosing and winning the match is only thing on his mind. I would like to see him taking the reigns of ODI side soon. I would like to see more and more seniors playing under him. No matter we loose against Bangladesh or any other underdog team until Dhoni is the Captain of ODI side there is no chance for any senior making a comeback into the side. It will happen only under Kohli. I would like to see the players like Zaheer Khan, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh & Gautam Gambhir playing again for India and that will happen under Kohli. He will be a successful captain undoubtedly if he keeps giving seniors the respect they deserve. I wish Kohli touch great heights with the other of him which respects the greats.

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