First day night test is over and Australia won it by 3 wickets. Mitchell Starc bowled the first delivery with the pink ball in that match. Lot of new things happened in that match. For the first time test cricket was played under lights. For the first time international cricket was played with the pink ball. For the first time we witneesed dinner break in the cricket. For the first time we experienced players playing in whites under lights. Lastly, for the first time we witnessed that more than 40000 people are watching test match on the ground. Last first timer is jaw dropping one for the organisers and sponsors.
I think test cricket will be in pink of its health with this pink ball. We have received the response from people of Australia towards day night tests. They just loved it. Now I think it should be tried and tested in other parts of the world as well. It should be tried in every country in which test cricket is played. I am sure it will receive thumbs up from the spectators in each and every test playing nation. I think people will love to go to stadium in the evening after coming back from the work. After stressful day at office people will love to relax and enjoy the game of cricket for couple of hours.
Day night matches with the pink ball is the best way to revive test cricket. One thing I observed in the first day night test is that the pink ball is harder than the red or the white ball. You can feel its hardness when it connects with the bat. Lot of research and development has been done on the pink ball. From its shape to the colour of its stiches everything has been tested. So its hardness will also be considered as more matches will be played with it. Cricket boards of all test playing nations should start working towards day night test matches. They should start testing it in their respective countries so that we can quickly switch to day night tests.
At the moment BCCI is not supporting day night test cricket but I am sure after seeing its response in Australia it will start supporting it. And this is the only feasible option at the moment to revive test cricket. I am eagerly waiting for the second day night test then a day night test in India then a day night test here in Ahmedabad. So that I can sit back and enjoy test cricket in the stadium after coming back from office in the evening. I am waiting for those days & I hope those days will come soon.

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