Start of April was emotional. West Indies struck the emotional chord as they became the champyaan champyaan. They won the world t20 in style. Now, everybody knows West Indies is a champion. It was not the end of the season. IPL started in few days time after world t20. Two new teams made a debut in this IPL. Rising group gave one more chance to pune city and created Supergiants in that city. While Intex group increased the population of lions in Gujarat. Players of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were put in one bag, those players were mixed well in that bag. Then Rising Pune Supergiants and Gujarat Lions picked their players from that bag. All the sides were balanced at the start of the tournament and were ready to win its ninth edition. It was an overdose of cricket for viewers so empty stands, people switching the channels during the match was expected.
IPL 9 began with roar from lions. New lions of Gujarat were unstoppable. Teams were facing severe finch hitting and baz attack. Knights heard that roar of lions and started riding in that direction. Warner was giving warnings of the rising sun regularly. Daredevils were also coming on the field with the zak attack. Kings of Punjab were not in their royal form. Even Royal Challengers were not being able to give royal challenge with the ball. Supergiants were getting injured one by one. While Mumbai’s Indians were still in the hunt of the opener. Then a daredevil Kock came into the party and DEmolished the challenging bowlers and hit first century of IPL 9 to give the momentum to Daredevils. A Cruel Pandya and an Ambitious Rayudu got together and took the Mumbai’s ship forward. Warner was giving the warnings constantly with the help of old and fizzy swing masters but those warnings were not looking good enough.
Virat showed his Virat stature by hitting 4 centuries. There was some devilish hitting as well from AB DEVILliers to support Virat’s stature. It started putting a royal challenge in front of other teams. Miller’s killer batting instincts were killed by the burden of captaincy but even Vijay was not able to take Kings’ Vijay Rath forward. Helicopter took a lot of time to take off. Unfortunately, by then Supergiants were down and out. Knights were riding on team performance. Everytime some or the other Knight was rising to the occasion and that team effort took them to playoffs. Finch hitting got some rust so a doctor was brought into the side. Dr. Smith along with DJ and DK roared Lions into the playoffs. Two out of four spots were booked by the teams who were dominating from the beginning. While for the remaining two spots there was interesting fight.
Four teams were fighting for the remaining two spots and there was a possibility that all the teams end up on equal points on the board. MORRISified Delhi was KA-RUNning on the fitness of Zak attack. Pollar(d) bear along with McClenaghan of Mumbai came good towards the business end. SunRisers’ went through YUVformation. And Virat’s stature became more Virat by the end of league stages. YUVformation and Warner’s warnings helped SunRisers qualify for the playoffs. On the other end Virat’s Virat stature helped Royal Challengers Kohlify for the playoffs. In playoffs, it was DeVilliers’ devilish hitting which made challenge more royal. In playoffs, sun rose at night due to YUVformation and MysteryKumar’s swing. The final was between the Royal Challenge and the Rising Sun.
Final started with Warner’s warnings, Yuv raised the intensity of those warnings then Cutting gave the finishing cut to the SunRisers innings. Gayle storm was quiet till the final but it arrived in Bangalore in the beginning of RCB innings. Along with Gayle Storm, Virat was becoming Virater in the final as well but Cutting came into the action again. Cutting gave the perfect cut to that partnership as well. Then in the end, Mysteryfizur and Bhuvi rose the sun at night in Bangalore as well and IPL 9 ended up being Sun Rising IPL. It was a great season of IPL. Yes, we saw empty stands and fall in viewership in the beginning but by the end, it became so exciting and thrilling that everyone was back to it. Really, it was a Sun Rising IPL.

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