Life is lived in moments. The moments you cherish, moments you work, moments you struggle, moments you enjoy, moments you regret, moments you agonize and the moments when you are at the edge of life. Life is lived in all those moments. There are moments in life which makes you feel complete. It’s not the money, success or fame which gives you satisfaction in life. It’s the moments which you live to get those things gives you satisfaction in life. When you are satisfied with the life you are leading then you are living a perfect life. And that’s the most important feeling in the world.

Over the period of time, I have realized that I love being on the edge of life and coming out victorious of such situations gives me utmost satisfaction. Recently, I made the list of things which will put my life on the edge and I realized that I have never tried adventurous stuff in life. Trekking, river rafting, scuba diving. I haven’t tried any of these things. Career wise, I have had been on the edge of life but I have never felt heart beat because of the adventurous stuff. So that’s next thing on my to do list. Out of all the adventurous things, I am going to try trekking first as my terms with deep water has not been good. Moreover I want to experience life in mountains.

“Everything is available online these days so it won’t be difficult to find some trekking trips on the internet.” My thoughts after deciding that I should try trekking first. I searched for trekking trips online and I found Everest Base Camp Trek on I didn’t know about everest base camp trek before but after reading about it on, my urge to trek has become stronger. By the way, it is not like provides everest base camp trek. It has every adventure happening around the country on its platform. Its tag line is ‘Discover Adventure.’ So helps you to find, plan and book adventures you want to try.


Paragliding, Surfing, Rafting, Scuba, Trekking, Camping, Kayaking. You show desire for any of these adventures and will give you the options for that. Not only that, it will get quotes for you from multiple operators so that you can pick the best one. I am looking forward to Everest Base Camp Trek. I have got quotes from I am trying to convince my friends for it. If everything happened according to my plan then soon I will trek on everest. I know it won’t be easy. Living in camps among the snow white mountains with no network around. There will be difficulty in getting everything but that’s what I want to experience. It will satisfy me as a person and will help in getting that satisfaction. I have chosen my adventure, you can also choose yours from

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