My best friend was born in 1964. I joined him in 1991. I came into this world because of him. Yes, my father is my best friend. He is like coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside. When I was born, he was angry young man. He was very strict in my childhood. I used to be afraid of him. I was very naughty student in school. Every year, principal used to call him in the school to complain about my deeds. For that, I have been scolded and beaten up several times. He was giving me the training by doing that. His scolding improved my behaviour, his strictness taught me discipline and punctuality. His love taught me to give respect to everyone.


As I grew older, he became softer. He evolved from a strict father to a friendly father. His friendly behaviour allowed me to open up to him. It allowed me to be frank with him. Due to his strictness, I used to hide my results in school and he used to scold me badly for that. Then he became friendly with me and slowly, I started sharing everything with him. I started understanding him. I started realising that whatever he is doing, he is doing it for my betterment. Thus, I started trusting him and started sharing my feelings with him. He understood my feelings and started guiding me accordingly. His guidance has helped me in every hardship of my life.


With the passage of time, our bond has became stronger. We are best of the friends now. It has been twenty five years and our friendship has grown. It has gone from strength to strength. It has reached to that level where no one can come between us. Okay! I admit, my mom often comes between us. At times, we fight as well over certain things and issues but we forget and become normal with each other again. Our opinions differ on certain topics and we express it. There has been disagreement by my side over the certain decisions taken by him. On those decisions, I try to go against him but whenever I have decided to go against him. I have regretted that decision.


Today, he know everything about me. I don’t hide anything. He listens to me very calmly. Whenever I need to talk to him, I take him out for a long walk and say eveyrthing. He understands in what kind of mood I am. He pulls my leg at times but he always guide me and support me. He has always been there for me. He is a jug full of happiness and light and he always spread that light and happiness in my life. In fact, he is a JUGnoo of my life.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

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