Cricket is not just a game for me. It is a life for me. It has taught me a lot of lessons in life. So it is a big part of my schedule. I follow almost every cricket tournament. It is not possible to watch each and every match live. So to keep myself updated, I check scores on different apps and read numerous articles. I don’t only follow men’s cricket. At times I follow women’s cricket as well. It proves that I eat, sleep and drink cricket. These days there are so many apps available where you can read the articles and check the scores. You can even watch the match live on some of them.


There are lot of apps on the internet. It is not possible to keep all the apps in the phone. If you try and keep all the apps in your phone then your will be overloaded. These apps will consume more battery and will affect the speed of the phone. Since last few months, I was looking for an app which has all the things assembled in it but then I realised it is not possible to get all the things in one app. So now, I have three kinds of cricketing apps in my phone and they are:

1. Apps which broadcasts live matches and produce online cricket shows.

2. Apps which shows live scores of different tournaments.

3. Apps which provides me the articles of different tournaments happening around the world.


I use first category of apps when I have time to watch the match and there is no television around. There are 2 to 3 apps in my phone of that category as broadcasting rights of every tournament is not with one channel. So I have to keep 2 to 3 apps of leading sports channels. I use second category of apps when I don’t have time to watch the match but I want to know about the situation of the match. So I open the app and check the scores. In this category as well, you won’t get the score of every tournament on one app. You have to install 2 to 3 apps. In third category you need only one app.


That app is cricket huddle. The app which serves cricket in breakfast, lunch and dinner. An app which allows you to read an article, post an article, register your team and search a team. Moreover it also helps you to find a coach in your city. If you read an interesting article somewhere and you want to share it with the people like you then cricket huddle is the place for you. Cricket huddle provides the cricket crazy community with whom you can share your cricket story. You can join cricket huddle as a player, team, coach and fan. If you are searching for a team in your city then cricket huddle will help you in that as well. It is a huddle of cricket crazy people in which you can score runs by sharing the articles. So come and join the huddle and make it as big as you can.

What are you waiting for? Download it here:




P.S. You can read all of my articles on Cricket on Cricket Huddle.

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