Malabar Hill is a hillock in southern part of Mumbai. Famous Hanging gardens, Jain temple and Banganga Tank are located there. Apart from that, top government officials, ministers and business tycoons live there. Houses in Malabar Hill District are amongst the most expensive in the world. So you can imagine luxuries and amenities in the apartments there. In other words Malabar Hill is full of iconic buldings and premium luxurious houses. That’s Malabar Hill (of south Mumbai) for you. We have one more Malabar Hill in Mumbai and it is in Thane West. I refer Pokhran road no 2 of Thane as Malabar Hill of Thane. As Pokhran road no. 2 in Thane West is very similar to Malabar Hill.
Here are the similarities between the two:
If Malabar Hill is a hillock then Pokhran road no 2 possess Yeoor Hills.

If Malabar Hill has Banganga Tank then Pokhran road no 2 possess Upvan Lake.

If there are Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill then there is Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Pokhran road no 2.

And when it comes premium luxurious housing then Pokhran road no 2 posses Serein.

It is the centre of luxury. It is one of its kind project by Tata Housing. Tata Housing has built this outdoor living space with the theme of wellness. It is designed exclusively for users to immerse in nature’s elements. It has various activity spaces for different people. Abundant sunlight and natural ventilation are the basis of the apartments built in Serein.
By keeping wellness of the user in mind, Tata Housing has built 10 important amenities in Serein. They are as follows:
1. Pet Park
2. Nature Trail
3. Lotus Pond
4. Forest Boardwalk
5. Park
6. Sand Pit
7. Outdoor Dining
8. Skating Area
9. Organic Farm
10. Outdoor convenience Store

All these amenities are very important for the wellness of the people. By providing such amenities Tata Housing has set a benchmark for other housing companies. Apart from these amenities there is tennis court, indoor badminton court, gym, clubhouse with squash court, mini theatre, amphitheatre, swimming pool, pool cafe, children play area, steam and sauna room, yoga room, spa room and indoor games room.

Wellness doesn’t end there. There are lot wellness features in the apartment as well. You will get vitamin C infused shower, air purifier in living room, EMF shield, High performance glass which will reduce external noise, Low VOC paint and RO filter in the kitchen. Based on climatology, apartments are designed to maximise north western winds to cool the indoor spaces. Houses are made with premium quality large size vitrified tiles. In bathrooms vitrified anti-skid tiles are used. Premium quality CP fittings and switches are used in the apartments. Kitchen is sinned in stainless steel with granite top. All those amenities and luxuries are imaginable only at Malabar Hill in south Mumbai but Tata Housing has brought them at Pokhran road 2 in Thane west. That’s why I called it Malabar Hill of Thane.

Serein is the centre of new luxury. So luxuriate yourself in the richness of a wellness home.

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