On 1st of this month, Mom gave me the list of household things which were needed during the month. On 2nd, I told her to give me the bag to carry those things. I started my car and was ready to go to a mall to buy those things. As soon as I started the car, my five year old neighbour heard the sound of my car and came out of his house.

“Paresh, where are you going?” He stood in my way with his arms wide open.

“Jeet, I am going to a mall. I will be back in half an hour. Then we will play.” Mom tried to pull him out of the way.

“Nahin, Main bhi chalunga.” He opened the door of the car and sat on the front seat with folded hands and cute anger on his face.

We went to the mall and I picked up the carrier and he straight away went towards the chocolates section and started picking up the chocolates. I negotiated with him and agreed to buy him three if he will help me in my shopping. With the carrier, I moved in the mall with my list. Jeet was putting the things in the carrier as I was telling him. Lastly, we went to pick up the toothpaste. Mom had written two packs of colgate in the list. I told Jeet to put two packs of colgate in the carrier. Seeing those packs, Jeet got excited. On those packs, it was written ‘Free! Magical Space Adventure Inside.’

“Paresh, these things fly. I have seen it on T.V.,” Jeet pointed towards one of the space characters printed on the pack. “I want this one.” Jeet picked one pack with astronaut in orange suit printed on it. I negotiated it with one chocolate. So instead of two, I bought three tubes of colgate.

As we reached home, he forgot chocolates and picked up the packs of colgate. He opened them and started finding the toys inside.

“Paresh, isme kuch bhi nahin hai.” He threw the empty packet on the floor and sat on the sofa with disappointment.

Colgate has come with this magical stories concept earlier as well but at that time, it was sea adventures. So I knew that I had to cut the packet to make toys out of it.

“Isme toys hain.” I opened the packet and showed him inside part of it.

He jumped out of sofa and said with all the cuteness “Mujhe isme se toys nikal ke de na.”

He made me cut all three packets even though I didn’t want to. After cutting all the three packs and making all the toys from it. Jeet made up a story from them.

“This guy in orange suit is me.” Jeet began his story.

“Then who is that girl in green suit?” I enquired.

“She is Bhoomi  (Jeet’s friend).” Jeet replied.

“Me and Bhoomi will go up in the sky in this rocket.”

“What about me?”

“You will watch us in this T.V from here.”

“Then up in the sky we will come out of rocket through space station and will meet sun, stars and planets.”

“Paresh, you can see that Sun, Mars and Saturn are very happy after meeting us. Oh wait! Which is this planet who is angry on us? Before that, there is snake behind me. Bhaago!”

“That thing is not a snake. It is called comet. And that angry planet is Venus.” I interrupted.

“No, that thing is a snake and I am successful in running away from him.” Jeet continued.

“Then we will go towards the planet who is angry on us. Venus. We will do the landing on Venus then we will roam around in the car.”

“Oh! There is already an alien there. Now, I understand why Venus is so angry.”

“Bhoomi, bring the gun out of rocket and fight with the alien. I will be around you to help you. We have to win Bhoomi.”

*Dish. Dish. Boom*

“I destroyed the UFO & Bhoomi killed the alien and we won. After killing the alien, we will leave our flag there as a symbol of our victory. Then we will come back to the earth.”

After telling that story, Jeet picked up all those cuttings, filled them in the carry bag and took it away.

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