The phase after engagement is the golden phase in the life of couple. After engagement, couple gets to know each other completely. They get license from CSI to officially meet each other. In the words of western culture, they get the licence to date each other. CSI is Cultural Society of India. After engagement, society don’t raise eyebrows if it see a boy and a girl together. The perspective of the society changes towards the couple. Before engagement, if a boy and a girl meet then society spread the gossips about them. And these gossips spread faster than the fire in the forest. I am not defending a boy and a girl who are meeting before engagement but it’s none of society’s business either. Creating and spreading gossips about any guy or girl after adding all the masala is wrong.

After engagement, life of a couple change forever. They get the person with whom they have to spend rest of their life. They can share everything with that person. Whether they are happy, sad, angry, curious or depressed. They can share every feeling and every emotion with that person. Everyone need that one person in life with whom they can share everything & with whom they can be whatever they want to be without any hesitation. It is an amazing feeling to have that one person who is with you all the time. It is an amazing feeling to have that one person in life who is equally loyal, transparent and open. It (that feeling) brings different kind of happiness and confidence in one’s life.

In this process of getting closer to each other, a guy and a girl give gifts to each other to express their love. In that thing, all the limits are crossed. These days couples gift iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series Phones to their partners. If one gift these high end mobile phones to his or her partner after marriage then it is okay. But by giving and receiving such gifts before marriage, you are raising the expectations of younger ones and friends. After receiving such gifts, couples flaunt it on social media. As if they have won a national award. Such deeds spoils the whole society. In this act of ostentatiousness, one raise the expectations or disappoints many people around. It create the differences between other couples or increase the demands of boy’s side in other cases.

After engagement, our responsibilities increases. Before engagement, we are not allowed to speak anything. We are only allowed to say “yes” or “no” but after engagement, we are allowed to speak. So rather than giving or accepting such gifts, we should stop this. If it continued like this then that day is not far when instead of phones guys and girls will be gifting flats and villas to their fiancee. At the moment, flats are given in dowry in the cities like Mumbai. Rich people don’t understand anything. To maintain their status in the society, they set the new standards and trends of giving. High end mobile phones is one of the by products of such schemes. Atleast we should understand our responsibility. And we should stop or should not give rise to these unnecessary traditions or such trends.

Engagement is the licence to date.

This is the end of chapter four in marriage and the society. In the fifth chapter, I put light on the trends related to marriage and the way people behave during the ceremony.

Marriage and The Society: Marriage

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  1. Good observation. No wonder Engagement is called the golden period of life but as you rightly pointed out people use it as license to date, gifts . This time should be used to build foundation for great future life

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