If we sleep at night without any fear then it is because of them. If we are safe in our houses, it is because they are playing with their lives at border. Yes, I am talking about Indian Army. In today’s world, people are not willing to give organ of their body even for their loved ones and our army men give their life for our country, for our safety without even thinking about their families. After sacrificing their life, all they get is some insane comments by our politicians & struggle for their family to get even the reward of their sacrifice. Those who are alive, they face human rights for punishing the people who are creating the unrest in the valley.

Indian Army was founded on 1st April, 1985 and it has over 12 lakhs personnel at the moment. It has huge and high tech vehicles and equipment but they don’t assure safety. Those vehicles and equipments are only used to attack enemies. We focus on good earning and great lifestyle. While army men focus on their fitness and protection of our country. The kind of regime they follow, we can’t even imagine that kind of regime even in our dreams. In addition to this regime, our army men get posting at Siachen Glacier where temperature gets as low as -53° C. We will leave that kind of a job in one hour. At 21,147 ft above the surface of the earth, our soldiers face difficulty even to maintain their balance. At such a height, there is a lack of oxygen. Soldiers breaks the ice to collect the water. Despite of all these difficulties, they keep Indian flag high and furling at Siachen.

Motto of Indian Army is ‘service before self’ and they live by that motto. Whether there is a terror attack or any natural calamity in our country, Indian Army is always the first organisation to lend its hand for help. Our soldiers not only fight hard with terrorists during a terror attack but they also become a bridge between the government and the people to rescue people from the natural calamity. It is not their primary job. Indian Army’s primary job is national security and defending the nation from external aggression. Indian Army is fighting hard in the wars since 1947. Saving us from terrorists and natural calamities are the add on services they provide to us.

Connection between 90s kids and Indian Army is direct. Lot of 90s kids are part of Indian Army. And it is a proud feeling for every 90s kid that our brothers are serving the nation. In this money oriented or career oriented world, every 90s kid don’t choose it as a career. And let’s admit it, all of us are not brave enough to be a part of Indian Army or to choose it as our career. Some of the 90s kids across the border choose to be a terrorist. Even in our country, 90s kids are joining terrorist groups like ISIS with pride. Thus, we should salute every 90s kid who decided to build his career by serving the nation and chose to be a part of Indian Army.

Not only 90s kids, we should every army men for serving us unconditionally. Hero Moto Corp started that campaign. It made advertisements showing that wherever we meet or bump into our soldiers, we should salute them. And actually we should do that. We make actors and cricketers our heroes but our soldiers are our real heroes. They sacrifice their own concerns, they sacrifice their life to protect the nation. We should not only salute these superstars but we should also support their families. We should donate for the education of their children. We should donate for the well being of their family. That will be the perfect tribute to our Martyrs and Indian Army.

Lastly, thank you Indian Army for being the protector of our life since independence. You are the real superstars of our life.

8 thoughts on “90s Kid’s Superstars: Indian Army”

    1. Thank you Mr. Rawat. I am glad that you liked it. It is good to hear such words from those who helped you grow as a writer. 😉

  1. I remember ‘Sandese ate hain, sandese jate hein’ .. it was the first thought that i had when i opened this post to read…
    Sad that our generation is joining ISIS and terrorist groups…
    the Indian Army is the true super star indeed…

    1. Yes Indian Army is the true superstar! Our army is one of the bigfest reason behind my pride for our country.

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