Love birds are everywhere. They can easily found in local trains as well. In month of May, Sun had the license to spread the heat. During that time, I used to leave bed early in the morning and reach at the station well before time. Love birds were spotted by me during that time. They had made a rule. They didn’t allow anyone to sit until their partner don’t show up and they don’t get their space. All the love birds in the Anand memu either worked together or started commuting together. They never liked to sit separately and once they met each other then, they didn’t care about anyone else. Thus for peaceful journey, it was important that love birds are sitting together.

In our group, there wasn’t any girl or lady but the group from which Nikesh and Mukesh got separated had quite a few ladies. Some of them were married and some were unmarried. Slowly, unmarried girls in their group were getting married and were getting separated from the group. It was one of the reasons of their group breaking into various parts. Only one unmarried girl was there after their group broke into various parts. Her name was Ritika and she became the part of the Mayank Kumar’s group. Vikram was the third person in their group. With the passage of time, Vikram and Ritika developed a bond with each other and Mayank Kumar was isolated in the group.

MK (nick name of Mayank Kumar) joined our group in May. He was sidelined in that triumvirate. He told us how Vikram and Ritika webbed a story and isolated him in the group. Nikesh enjoyed it a lot. According to Nikesh, it was MK who decided to make a separate group with Vikram and Ritika leaving him and Mukesh aside. So when Nikesh was hearing MK’s story, he was enjoying a lot. Nikesh was happy that MK reaped the seeds he sown.

“The way MK has been isolated in that group, exactly in the same way he isolated me and Mukesh earlier in our group,” Nikesh’s emotions came out after hearing the MK’s story. He was expressing his anger after reaching the Anand station in the morning when no one else of our group was around. “Actually he was interested in Ritika and Vikram was his best friend. He thought after removing me and Mukesh from the group, his way will be clear. I am happy that he got what he did to us.” Mukesh was getting late so he left us at the store near the station after having the coffee. Nikesh was expressing his emotions over a coffee and some fried balls.

In the third week of May, I was going back home in Gandhinagar memu. I was late that day as I had to submit some important data by the end of the day. They say when you are hungry then even an onion tastes sweet. As I was late, I had no other option than Gandhinagar memu to reach home. I boarded that train after preparing myself for the worst but the standards of that train had fallen even more. The whole train had become smelly. I tolerated that smell half way then I got up and stood near the door to get the fresh air as that smell was not tolerable to me anymore. Near the door in the back space of the coach, a girl was sitting on her bag and her family was around her.

She was conversing with her family. A group of guys were moving from coaches to coaches. They were smiling at the girls while passing through the coaches. All the parents and guardians of the young girls were getting angry at them. I was watching all this standing at door. Those guys were even fighting with the parents and guardians. At the door, two guys were sitting and one of them was writing something on the paper in his hand. As I went closer, I saw that he was writing his mobile number on the piece of a disposed paper dish. After writing his number, he turned back and smiled at a girl who was sitting on the bag with her family. She smiled back.

That smile proved that she is interested in him. Both of them were interested in each other. Now the task on that guy’s hand was to give that number to her. He got up from the seat and joined that group of guys who were moving from one seating coach to another. Seeing him up and moving, she also got up from the bag. He crossed her with those guys. He stopped for a while crossing her. When he stopped she became alert. Both of them had a look at her parents and when they saw that they are watching them then they reacted as if there was nothing fishy. He went in the next coach and she moved to the edge of the coach. I had a best seat (or best standing point) in the house to watch that love story.

That guy left the group and he started moving around in the front space of the next coach. Here she was lying on the edge of my coach and there he was thinking of how to give his number to her in that front space. Girl’s father got a call and he moved towards me. Girl’s father crossed me and went towards the edge of the door to get the clear voice. Then that group came again. He joined them but he stopped on the link between the two coaches. She noticed that and moved a bit towards him. Both of them were looking at her mother. And just at the right time, her mother turned her face to look out of the door. He gave that piece of disposed dish to her in that moment and went behind that group.

Her father ended the call and was back into his place. She held that paper tight in her hand. She closed her palm and moved hands behind her back. When train stopped at Maninagar. She allowed her parents to get off the train first so that she gets a chance to see him properly. Both of them looked each other and smiled for 20 seconds before she went out of the train. He also stepped down at Maninagar only but from the other end. I went on the edge of the door as I was keen to see that guy’s next step. I was not able to see what happened next as the train left the Maninagar station.

Love was in the heat wave (not in the air) of May.

#AtoZChallenge: Life in Local Train – Metro

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