“Modi isn’t doing anything. I wasted my vote on him.” Mahesh Kaka started the day by commenting on Modi’s tenure as prime minister.

“Who told you to vote for him? Why are you complaining now after making him Prime Minister?” Dwarkesh Kaka countered his thoughts.

“Dwarkesh Bhai, I don’t vote for a person considering that he is of my cast or my village,” Mahesh Kaka started changing the track. Mahesh Kaka had that habit of starting a topic and going off it in the next statement. “Then why did you vote for him when he is not doing anything,” And Dwarkesh Kaka had a habit of countering him on the topic he started first.

“I voted for him because he did well in Gujarat. Considering the development of Gujarat, I voted for him.” Mahesh Kaka was back on it.

“Exactly. We also gave our vote to him considering the development in Gujarat. As we have chosen him as our Prime Minister, we should keep faith in him and should give him five years.” Dwarkesh Kaka made an effort to tell Mahesh Kaka to be patient.

“He hasn’t done anything in his tenure of one years or so. His planning is simply bizarre. He should realize that he is not chief minister of a state anymore and has become Prime Minister of the country.” Mahesh Kaka was highly disappointed with the performance of our Prime Minister.

“How can you judge his performance in a year?” Dwarkesh Kaka geared himself up for serious discussion.

“All of his plans till now has not done any good. The condition of the country is as it was under Congress. He has not been able to control price rise. Rupee is touching new lows everyday. Every other day he goes on a tour. In one year, he has visited most of the countries in the world. I think he became the Prime Minister to explore the world.” Mahesh Kaka started expressing his frustration on PM’s trips around the world.

“I am not going to show you his good works. Just tell me what we should do? Should we change our Prime Minister? Should we make Pappu our new Prime Minister? Or that Aam Aadmi? Tell me so that we can start the process.” Dwarkesh Kaka started pulling Mahesh Kaka’s leg and we started laughing.

“Not only Modi, we have to change his whole team. Arun also is not doing anything. Even that lady who is the current chief minister of our state is not so good.” Mahesh Kaka wanted to change the ministry of the whole country.

“Don’t criticise her, she will build a metro station in your area. What else you want?” Mukesh joined Dwarkesh Kaka in pulling the leg of Mahesh Kaka.

“What do you know about serving the state? I am working with state government since last thirty-four years. So I have some idea about what’s happening in the system. How can you make fun of me?” Mahesh Kaka lost his cool. Instead of taking it in a funny way, he started shouting at Mukesh.

“Mahesh Bhai, on a serious note Modi is the only political leader at the moment who can bring stability in the country. All other political leaders will take us into deeper trouble. We should give him five years. If the condition doesn’t improve after five years then we can bring Congress back into the power.” Dwarkesh Kaka took control of the situation.

“Don’t talk to me ever again,” instead of replying to Dwarkesh Kaka, Mahesh Kaka raised a finger towards Mukesh first. Mukesh apologised after realising that he has hurt Mahesh Kaka. Though his intention was not to make fun of him but Mahesh Kaka took it that way.

“Dwarkesh Bhai, I am not denying that but the policies he has adopted in this one year or so are not upto the mark.” Mahesh Kaka started the conversation again after sitting quietly for a while.

“Mahesh Bhai is back in mood. Mukesh, next stop is Nadiad. So go, buy tea and snacks for him.” Dwarkesh Kaka instructed Mukesh as the train was approaching Nadiad. At Nadiad, Mukesh got off the train and bought some packets of snacks and got back in the train. If he would have waited for tea then he would have missed the train. Mukesh with the help of Dwarkesh Kaka tried his best to please Mahesh Kaka but Mahesh Kaka was not in the mood of forgiving Mukesh. After getting down from the train as well Dwarkesh Kaka tried to convince Mahesh Kaka but Mahesh Kaka had made a firm decision and was not ready to forgive and forget.

In Local Train either a person becomes a political expert or it becomes a journalist who reads the political news loudly from a newspaper or a phone to start a conversation. And at times that conversation becomes intense and ends up being an argument. Politics is very sensitive topic to discuss in the local train because it is very difficult to change one’s political views or beliefs. And it often ends up in an argument and sometimes in a fight.

#AtoZChallenge: Life in Local Train – Quarrel

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