Railways make the necessary changes in the timings of trains in the month of October every year. In 2014, they changed the time of most of the trains but not memu. In 2015, it was certain that they are going to change the time of memu.

“This time, They will change the time of memu for sure.” Dwarkesh Kaka predicted the change of time at the start of October.

“If they take it to 8:45 or 8:50 from 8:35 then we will be able to sleep 10 – 15 minutes more in the winter.” I started thinking about the outcomes of time change. In October, winter was knocking the door thus I was thinking very positive outcome of time change.

“What if they change the time to 8:20 or 8:15?” Dwarkesh Kaka showed me the other side of the coin.

“Think positively, Dwarkesh Kaka! Don’t even think of such disaster.” The consequences of that side of time change were worst. Thus I didn’t even wanted to think about it.

In the second week of October, the new time table was printed in the local news papers. I didn’t know about it.

“See Rishi, I told you na they might change it to 8:15 or 8:20,” Dwarkesh Kaka showed me the newspaper. In the newspaper new time next to Anand memu was 8:10 a.m. “What! This cannot be true. It is neither 8:15 nor 8:20. It is 8:10 a.m. this can’t be true. This is the fake news. Don’t trust these newspapers. I will tell you the actual time by checking it on the internet.” I started doing over acting. I went in some sort of trauma after seeing that 8:10 a.m. I checked the news on internet. Internet confirmed the news that time of memu has been changed to 8:10 a.m. Everyone else was enjoying my reaction. Along with the confirmation of time change, internet informed me about one more thing. It informed that the time change is going to take effect from the third week of October.

In the third week of October, I forgot that timings of the memu has changed. I was on the bridge above platforms and I heard the siren of Anand memu. And that siren reminded me of the time change. I ran down to the platform and boarded the running train. As I got in, I saw only Mahesh Kaka in it. Dwarkesh Kaka also forgot about the time change. Only Mahesh Kaka remembered the time change. He had reserved my seat. Thus I went and sat there huffing and puffing. I called Dharmendra Sir to remind him but he knew about it and was already waiting for the train at Maninagar station. Nikesh and Mukesh got in the train along with him. Mayank Kumar missed the train as he was like me and Dwarkesh Kaka.

“I got the transfer to Ahmedabad.” Mukesh offered me a sweet from the box. “Congrats!” After picking up the sweet from the box. “Dharmendra Sir, when can we apply for transfer?” I started thinking about my transfer. “I have already applied for the transfer,” Dharmendra Sir paused for a while. “You can apply for transfer after completing one year in the company.” Dharmendra Sir cleared my doubt on transfer. “Have you completed a year in the company?” Dharmendra Sir wanted to confirm before giving me the green signal. “Yes, I have completed one year in the company.” I confirmed. “Then you should apply for it.” Dharmendra Sir gave me the green signal.

Commuting in winter with this time table was going to be one heck of a task. Thus getting a transfer like Mukesh was the best option. “What are the company’s policy related to transfer?” I didn’t know about the company’s policy. “You have to spend at least three years at the place where you are posted. After three years you are eligible to get a transfer but you can apply for it after completion of one year at that place,” Dharmendra Sir showed me clear picture. “The benefit of applying for transfer after one year is that you can get a colleague with whom can mutually swap the place. It is possible that one of our colleagues from your preferred place might be wishing to come at your place. So you can get transfer in this way.” Dharmendra Sir explained me the policy related to transfer.

“This is my third year in Anand. I will be completing it in February 2016. Then I will start writing letters to management for the transfer,” Dharmendra Sir told me about his situation. “While applying for transfer, write valid reason to get the transfer as soon as possible. Rakish had submitted his medical certificates that’s why he got transferred in three and half years. If you have a valid reason then only you will get transfer at desired place or company will give you posting as per its convenience and choice. So before applying for transfer, think for a valid reason.” Dharmendra Sir gave me complete guidance for getting the transfer.

“I am also thinking for a transfer now. This new time table is simply pathetic. Not only Anand memu, they have rescheduled Saurashtra Express as well that too in the worst way possible. From 5:45 p.m., they have rescheduled its arrival time at Anand to 5:40 p.m. and it’s reaching time at Ahmedabad has been reschedule from 7:35 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. It is simply bizarre! Ahmedabad memu also has been rescheduled from 5:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. There are not much options for us now.” Dwarkesh expressed his frustration on the new time table next day in Anand memu.

The new time table pushed us to think for that activity in which employees hardly have a say (Transfer).

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