On the day of uttarayan last year, I went to Manan’s house. I thought we will fly the kites together. I didn’t call or gave any intimation to him. I simply reached at his place around 11:30 a.m. On my way to his home, I realised that the air is perfect for kite flying. So I was excited to fly kites at Manan’s house. I had lot of memories of celebrating uttarayan at Manan’s place. I simply wanted to re-live those moments again. As I reached at his place, there was no one except Manan’s mom.

“Aunty, where is Manan?” I asked as I entered in his house.

“Beta, he is upstairs,” Aunty gestured it with her finger. “Oh! He is already flying kites.” I excitedly jumped on the stairs. “No beta, he is in his room.” Aunty killed my excitement. “What is he doing in his room?” I was in no mood of wasting the time. “I don’t know. He has not come down since last hour or so.” Aunty headed towards the kitchen.

“Mr. Manan Kohli?” I knocked on the door of his room. “Who is it?” He replied in very rude and weird tone. “It’s me, Paresh! Open the door.” I wanted to know the reason behind that tone. “Oh! Paresh. Wait, I am coming.” He kept me on hold. There was some noise of opening the door and then of water. He went in the bathroom before opening the door. He opened the door after coming out of the bathroom.

When he opened the door, I saw that his eyes were red and teary and he was sobbing. Though he washed his face, he was not able to hide that he was crying. I was shocked to see tears in his eyes. I knew Manan since we were five years old kids. He was a very fun loving guy. He didn’t care about what someone is thinking about him. He did what he liked. He was sensitive but clean hearted man. He had a habit of cracking a joke out of nowhere to make everyone laugh around him. It was shocking to see that kind of guy in this condition.

“Hey, what happened? Why are you crying?” I asked after entering in the room.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs and fly kites.” He ignored my question and started climbing the stairs.

“Tell me or I am telling Aunty that something is wrong with you and you are crying in your room.” I threatened him to get that thing out of him. He came down and locked the door of his room from inside. Then he showed me his whatsapp chats with Aarohi. Aarohi was an arts student who lived in Delhi.

It was clear from the chats that he met her in one wedding in January 2014 and after that they started chatting. He talked with her over the chat for good six months and then proposed her. He proposed her for marriage straightaway.

“What kind of proposal is this?”

“My parents will never agree to this relation. And I will never go against my parents”

“Moreover, I am mad behind Armaan.” She gave two contrasting replies to Manan’s proposal.

Then the chat indicated that she was not dating Armaan. In the period of six months period, Manan got attached to her so much that he started sharing everything with her first. Manan found so many similarities between him and Aarohi that he didn’t even want to date her. He straight away asked her to marry him. Unfortunately after his proposal, Aarohi started insulting him. She told one of her NRI friends to insult Manan. And that guy insulted Manan for expressing his feelings honestly. Manan was furious after that insult. He stopped texting her but after 15 days, Aarohi texted him asking How are you?

He expressed his frustration on insult. Aarohi explained him that she don’t want to go against her parents and will not date or marry anyone of his choice. She said that she will marry a guy of her parents choice. Manan begged for a chance and asked her to talk to her parents as he also didn’t wanted to go against the elders. Couple of days later, she posted a pic with Armaan along with his sketch on instagram. It looked like a perfect date. Manan was destroyed after seeing that. She was not woman of her words. She ignored and insulted Manan like hell. While Manan kept asking for a chance by tolerating the ignorance and humiliation quietly.

Manan was flat on Aarohi’s smile. Thus for her birthday in November, Manan made 24 collages of her best pictures with very romantic messages describing her beauty and smile. He planned to send those picture to her every hour on her birthday. As usual, he was insulted for that as well. In December 2014, Manan visited her city. He begged in front of her to meet him but she told that she can’t because her exams are going on. During his visit to her city, Manan saw a pic of the gift she got on her birthday by Hameed on instagram. The caption in that pic was “this gift from MY ROCKSTAR made my day.” Manan lost his mind after that and he fought with Aarohi again during her exams. She told him that she will be failing in her exams because of him. He again stopped talking to her after that.

Manan was not in the mood of giving up on her. He still wanted that one chance which she was giving to others. In that period of six month, Manan had built that kind of trust on her that she had even shared her passwords with him. Thus in second week of January, he opened her facebook account. From her facebook account, he came to know that when begged her to come and meet him in Delhi, she was busy in planning a date with random guy on facebook (despite of her exams). It was devastating for Manan. He was so frustrated of bearing everything quietly that he tried to kill himself. There was a bandage on his right wrist. He tried to cut his hand.

Manan was very honest and loyal person. And he paid the price for that only. He expressed his feelings honestly and was taken for granted. Aarohi had no problem in talking with Manan anytime but she was not ready to commit or marry Manan. Manan was in tears every moment while narrating and showing the chats and pics related to this story. “Paresh, I am ready to forget everything if she is ready to stay true to me all her life.” That was the last sentence of Manan before we went for kite flying. It was Manan’s mistake he pushed her for so long. Ultimately, Manan moved on from that half relation but he will never forget the way Aarohi treated him.

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