I began this year with a goal of writing three blog series. Marriage and the society, 90s Kid’s Superstars and Local train diary. I started with Marriage and the society from January.  Along with Marriage and the society, I started 90s Kid’s Superstars as well. In marriage and the society, I decided to post two posts in a month and in 90s Kid’s Superstars, one post a month. I finished marriage and the society by March. I wrote five posts in it. While 90s Kid’s Superstars is still on. In that blog series, I write a blog post on one superstar every month. After completing marriage and the society, I was finding the way to start Local Train diary.

Then, I saw blogchatter’s tweet about April A to Z challenge theme reveal. April A to Z challenge is a blogging challenge in which bloggers from all over the world write blog posts from character A to Z in the month of April. Bloggers take part in this challenge basically to improve the Alexander rank of their blog and to connect with fellow bloggers. Blogchatter pitched April A to Z challenge with an idea of converting the blog posts into an ebook. And that idea motivated me to take part in A to Z challenge. I had written one book along with 20 odd bloggers before this challenge and I was looking for a chance to make my solo debut.

My theme or topic was ready for A to Z challenge. I decided to write local train diary in A to Z format. My theme was ready but it was A to Z CHALLENGE. So, there were lot of challenging things in that task. I started making drafts in March. Being an accountant, I knew that first week of April is going to be hectic. So, I started writing in March. I decided to write the drafts of atleast 10 posts in March but as I started writing, I realised that 400 words or 500 words posts will not be enough for an ebook. Thus, I started writing 900 words to 1000 words posts. And they were taking triple time then 500 words posts.

Instead of writing 10 posts, I was only able to complete 2 blog posts in March. April started with weekend but there was nothing like a weekend for me. I had to close the accounts of the financial year in the first week only. So, I was working even on Saturday and Sunday. In morning, I used to close accounts while in evening, I used to write a new chapter. I survived the first week of April. I was successful in posting a post daily. After first week, there was IPL. So, keeping the pace with the challenge was getting even more difficult. In that phase, I learnt to manage time between IPL and writing. I was posting a post daily but I was not able to connect and comment on other bloggers’ posts.

April ended. I wrote 26 chapters in one flow with the same characters. I completed A to Z challenge exactly the way I wanted. In May, I started compiling the chapters. Compiling and editing took more time than writing. On 14th May, my novel was ready. I published it on amazon kindle same day. It is live on amazon from 15th May. It is a commuter’s story. And one will establish direct connection with the story because all of us travel or would have travelled by train at some point of time in life. So, everyone have their experiences and memories related to it at the back of their mind. This book will refresh those experiences and memories.

It is available at special price for first 100 buyers. So, log in to amazon and grab your copy soon. If you want to grab a copy for review then it is available on blogchatter.

To grab your copy, click on the link below:
Life in Local Train

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