This man is at least ten years elder to every 90s kid. Yes, he is an 80s kid. In 1981, when Gaurav Kapur was about enter in this world, doctor prescribed the medicines full of wit and sense of humour to his mother. Otherwise, it is very difficult to create such skills by attending classes or something. When he holds the mic, he tickles your funny bone in such a way as if he was born to make you smile through his anchoring. Today, there are very few anchors in this country who entertain us without using below the belt jokes and Gaurav Kapur is one of them. This man has established himself as an anchor on the pillars of wit, humour and presence of mind.

Gaurav Kapur started his career as an RJ then he became a VJ then he became an actor and worked in the films like Darna Mana Hai, Ssssshhh, Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag, White Rainbow, Secret of Seven Sounds, Quickgun Murugan, A Wednesday etc. He was doing well with the roles in these films but then IPL happened. And with IPL, he rose as the bearded face of IPL. With his anchoring in extra innings, he started tickling funny bone of the people. He made pre, post and mid innings shows interesting and fun. He did that with his sense of humour, wit and presence of mind. He has taken the hosting and cricket anchoring to another level.

‘Brother from another mother’ is one of the phrases which he made famous in this country while hosting the extra innings. He notices smallest of the things on the set and deliver them in form of a joke in his next line. He introduces experts by playing around with their names respectfully and by adding adjectives to their names you would have never heard of. He will notice small incidents on the field and will present it during the show in the most wittiest way. This is his style of hosting extra innings. This style has set new standards of anchoring and these standards are making life difficult for other anchors and hosts.

Gaurav Kapur is the founder of oak tree creative solutions. It produces the shows like Breakfast with champs and A little more GK. Breakfast with champs is a chat show in which Gaurav Kapur take cricketers to different places or visit their place for breakfast. All the episodes of the show are available on YouTube. A little more GK is a preview show in which Gaurav Kapur previews the cricket encounters with some mind-blowing facts. A little more GK provides that kind of general knowledge which is not found in any book or on any website. Apart from Breakfast with champs and A little more GK, oak tree creative solutions have done projects like MI TV (exclusive channel for Mumbai Indians fans), Vivo Cam (all the fun from the best seat in the house at the Vivo IPL) and Lee Loaded (3-part documentary on Leander Paes).

Being a 90s kid, I directly connect with his wit, humour and presence of mind. These three skills together are rarely found in a media person. According to me, Gaurav Kapur is one of the best anchors India has ever produced. Gaurav Kapur is good enough to write a textbook on anchoring cricket shows and every 90s kid who aspire to be an anchor should treat that textbook as bible and should follow it holistically to get success.


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