Soul Sojourn. Before reading the book, I googled the meaning of Sojourn as I didn’t know. Before, this book, I had read couple of blog posts of Tina Sequiera. When I found her book in E-book carnival, I decided to review it because I wanted to read it. It was the influence of those two blog posts which pushed me to pick up this book. One of those blog posts was based around mantra (that blog post is included in this book). When I read the mantra, it was quite familiar to me because I chant that mantra when I am frustrated or angry in life. I was able to connect myself with that post. So, when I found her eBook in eBook carnival, I downloaded it without giving a second thought.

In this eBook, author has talked about almost every aspect of life. From the smallest of things (which matter a lot in life) to biggest of the issues (which we face in life). Tina has mixed those aspects well with her personal experiences and the quotes of great authors and philosophers. She has created her quotes as well while writing on different situations of life. She has described some aspects so beautifully that it brought smile on my face. She has linked Kaleidoscope with different kinds of people we meet in life. She has described boredom as Blissful Boredom. She has written poem on Dancing in the Rain. All these are pretty normal in life. In this eBook, Tina has written about all the things which either get bigger in life or we miss doing them.

Love is choice and not just a fleeing feeling.

The quote mentioned above is my favourite quote from the book. Apart from those things, there is one mantra as well which I mentioned above. I don’t want to write more about it because it will create perceptions about the writer. One should read that mantra by itself. One will easily establish the connection with the book. While reading the book, in some aspects, I felt that, I do exactly the same things in these situations. While in some, I felt that I should do this in these situations. I have mentioned in my earlier posts that I am not an avid reader. I complete only those books which has the capacity to hold me till the end. And I completed this book in one go.

In short, it is a great debut by Tina Sequiera. And I am glad that I picked up this book for review. In my opinion, your soul will get a great comfort in Soul Sojourn. You can grab a review copy here.

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