I made my solo debut this year. And now, I know that what it takes to write a book and publish it. I have gone through its process now. Lot people helped me in publishing my e-book. I was naive when I started writing my book. I didn’t know about the tools to edit or publish my e-book. Experienced writers and bloggers helped me in my solo debut. As I published my e-book, I came to know about the tools of publishing but it does not end there. Marketing of the book is yet to be done. And to make an effective marketing plan, one needs to know about the essential tools. I have written and published an e-book but my marketing plan was vague.

I simply thought that spreading the word on my social media accounts will make my book a best seller. The main reason behind such a vague marketing plan was that I didn’t know about the essential tools to make a proper marketing plan. Because of the vague marketing plan, my book is not off to even a good start (forget flying start). So to correct it, I started analysing other writers’ marketing strategies. In that process, I found this book by Cheryl Sterling. I found it in the same e-book carnival in which I am participating. Cheryl has written many books and is experienced enough to guide any newcomer or aspiring writer.

In this book, she has written about 26 tools through which you can learn how to promote your book and how you can improve your writing. There aren’t only tools but she has shared some tips using those tools. She has described importance of all the tools using her own experiences. And those experiences will push you to follow the tips and use the tools because as a writer, you will directly connect with those experiences. From author’s profile on Amazon and Goodreads to importance finding active Facebook groups. From importance of using images in your blog to how to make them on canva. She has described all of these things using her experiences.

While reading the Cheryl’s book, I found a lot of things which I do or have already done but there are a lot of things, tools and tips which I have to do, use and follow. I liked the way, she is managing her writing, marketing and other things in life with these tools (as per the experiences she has shared in the book). In this book, she has mentioned instances, where I also get stuck and had to choose between writing, marketing and other things. And from that I learnt that the tools can be helpful to sort my life rather than missing out on one or the other thing. In short, Cheryl has given to do list to writers through this book. Aspiring writers can use it as a textbook as it can give a flying start to your career.

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