“It’s not about Ravi Shastris or Anil Kumbles, it’s about the essence of Indian cricket.” Ravi Shastri during his first press conference after becoming the head coach of team India. In the same press conference, he suggested the exit of Yuvraj and Dhoni before 2019 world cup saying, “2019 is a long way to go, we will take decision on Yuvraj and Dhoni at the right time.” It was as diplomatic as it can get. First ODI series after that press conference, Yuvraj is out of the Indian team. “Yuvraj is rested.” Selectors said in the defence of that decision. “If Dhoni is not delivering, we will have to look at alternatives.” Selectors continued after selecting the team for Sri Lanka series. It means that they have tied the sword on Dhoni’s head as well.

We need experience in 2019 world cup and Yuvraj and Dhoni are the only experienced contenders left in the team. There are other players like Harbhajan, Gambhir and Nehra around but selectors are not even considering them. Intentions of our new head coach are clear. He wants the “YOUNG” team in 2019 world cup. Dhoni tried that theory when he was the captain of the Indian team. He kicked most of the seniors (players of the Ganguly’s era including Ganguly himself) out of the team and forced them to take retirement. As a result, our test team is renowned for its performance away from home. Not only test cricket performance, we had limited overs debacles as well but they are hiding behind most of the successful campaigns he had with the seniors (players of Ganguly’s era).

The worst part of this whole saga is that Virat Kohli has become the boss of Indian cricket. The moment Kumble resigned as a coach with that strong reason, BCCI should have taken the captaincy away from Kohli. Now, on paper the new boss of Indian cricket is Kohli and his deputy is Ravi Shastri but in reality, its vice versa. Ravi Shastri is the new boss of Indian cricket and Kohli is his deputy. It came out when Ravi Shastri opposed the appointment of Rahul Dravid (as batting consultant) and Zaheer Khan (as bowling coach). As a result, Ganguly came out and said “Zaheer Khan is bowling consultant and both Rahul and Zaheer will be with the team for 150 days a year.”

It seems like a big, dirty political game of Ravi Shastri and Kohli. Kicking Kumble out, applying very late for the post of head coach, opposing the appointment of Dravid and Zaheer and questioning the spot of seniors in the team. Any respectable man in place of Kumble would have resigned from the post, if he would have come to know that captain has reservations with his style of coaching. Instead of reservations, it was a game played by Ravi Shastri by taking Kohli into his confidence. Our new head coach has never thought good of Yuvraj since he has made a comeback from cancer and now, he is shaking his confidence by resting him. On the other hand, he has tied the sword over Dhoni’s head.

He has spoilt the essence of Indian cricket about which he was talking in that press conference with his mind games. On the personal note, I don’t enjoy Indian team’s matches anymore because of our great head coach. Thus, I have stopped following the Indian cricket. I am even ready to boycott it. In this country, cricketers are worshiped because we give them that value. If we will stop watching them then, they won’t even try to consider them as the boss of the game.

With such political abilities, Ravi Shastri can be next prime minister or the judge of supreme court.

6 thoughts on “The Coach Saga”

  1. I’m a cricket fan and I really like both Dhoni and Yuvraj. Such talent and dedication to the game. It would be a pity if they are not included in the 2019 World Cup. Kumble is a humble person, he must have resigned to maintain his dignity. Lets hope cricket overpowers politics.

    1. Yesterday only, I read one article & in that article Sehwag mentioned that “I never wanted to be the coach of Team India. BCCI and Kohli insisted me to apply for that post.” After insisting Sehwag, he chose Ravi Shastri. Ganguly didn’t wanted Ravi Shastri this time as well. It happened on Kohli’s choice. Now imagine the level of politics. Two legends insulted (one was forced to resign and other was forced to apply and got rejected) and the one who knew how to win the confidence of the captain is the new coach. I am not supporting and cheering such captain and the team.

  2. I have stopped following cricket intensely, the way I used to. However, the treatment given out to Kumble was unfair. Also, all such dressing room secrets should not have come out, the press conferences, etc. Agree that Shashtri is the new boss, but I think Virat will be making all the shots.

    1. Not only Kumble, recent statement of Sehwag conveys that he was insulted as well. This spoils the mood of watching cricket. I am even ready to boycott Indian cricket as the movies of several actors has been boycotted.

  3. I believe that there is a huge ego game playing behind actual cricket in India. Kohli is a wonderful player and as a captain, the final call should be made by him but also, that doesn’t qualify him to just overlook things and involve too much in the backend office decisions. What happened in Kumble-Kohli case was a total fiasco. You just can’t take away what Kumble has done for Indian cricket and same is with Kohli also, who’s already a legend in ODI’s. Exclusion of Yuvi is still debatable but Dhoni is one person who’s running the team from behind, The calmness of Dhoni and aggression of Kohli is the sort of mix that can deliver a great deal to Indian cricket in the years to come. There is no replacement of Dhoni at the moment. Also, I do feel that after a terrible year in terms of losing cricket fans and following, Indian team has found a brilliant pace attack that’s one of the major positives that people don’t often talk about. Hopefully, things will change soon. 🙂

    1. The problem is that Kohli thinks that he is bigger than the game. No matter we are winning but that enjoyment and happiness on the victory is gone due to these dirty games. Players of Ganguly era will not help him at any point if her will do such stuff with them. Hopefully, things will change soon.

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