Train stopped at geratpur (a village in Ahmedabad). Some passengers got down from the train and some got in to move towards eastern part of Ahmedabad. I was travelling back home from my work place. As the train started, people started moving towards the door and then, there was constant sound of a steel utensil. Along with that sound, there was mouth watering aroma. I got up from my seat to see who is eating & what? As I got up, I saw a man was selling samosas near the entrance. And People were moving towards the door to buy a samosa from him. That mouth watering aroma gave the idea of quality of the samosa.

That aroma pulled me towards him. As I went closer to buy a samosa from that man, I saw a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy was giving samosa to everyone. Samosa vendor (man) was simply taking the orders and was collecting the money. Samosa vendor was father of the boy. Boy (in school uniform) was opening and closing the steel utensil to distribute the samosas as per the order. He gave me a samosa, I went back to my seat and enjoyed that delicious dish. As the train approached Maninagar station (one of the stations in Ahmedabad), I got up from my seat and went near the door to get some fresh air. After distributing samosas, boy was sitting at the door and was enjoying the breeze.

“In which grade you are?” I asked him taking the place right behind him. He turned his face to check who is asking him the question. His father was constantly asking him to come in.

“I recently gave the exams of seventh grade.” He was looking at my t-shirt while replying the question. “D..Don’t twee…tweet me any…more.” He fumbled while reading that phrase. After reading it, he asked me the meaning of it. I explained him the meaning of it, showing my twitter account. As I completed my explanation, Maninagar station arrived and he went away with his father to sell samosas.

After they got down from the train, I wished that I knew someone who could have provided him English classes at his place.

Marico India heard my wish. Nihar naturals shanti amla hair oil has come up with ‘Pathshala Funwala’. Through this initiative, the brand is providing the access to learn English anywhere anytime. With this initiative, you can change somebody’s life. All you have to do is, you have to introduce the parents of the child near you (who wants to learn the English) to the brand’s toll-free number 8055667788 and ask them to give a missed call. After giving the missed call, tell them to wait for the Shanti Didi’s call. Shanti Didi will call them and will tell the funny and engaging stories on the phone. Through those stories, she will teach English. In this way, children will English easily.

I am giving this number to that samosa vendor tomorrow only and will show him, how his son can learn English from that toll-free number. His son was very much interested in learning English. In this way, I will help that child in learning English.

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