I pity those people who leave their parents in old age home. They don’t understand that they will be the first teacher of their child. In old age, people find a companion in their grand children because as they get older, they start behaving like a child. They start asking everything again and again. They keep asking what’s the matter to give their wise advice. They don’t do these things to irritate or interfere, they do these things because they care for their children. After certain age, they seek importance and value at home. So rather than leaving them at old age home, give them a companion (your child) and bit of your time. They will be the first teacher of your children. They will put the base of nice upbringing by using all of their experience.

I never saw my grandfather. He died when my father was five years old. My grandmother was a very strong woman. She raised her three children on her own. I was the first installment of interest of her investment in her three children. I was favourite of my grand mother. I was the first child at home and she was very possessive about me. Everyday she used to wait for me to get up and then she used to oil massage daily to make my bones strong. In my growing age, I got closer to her as she always used to save me from my father. I was not a topper in school and sometimes, I used to score very less marks (not even passing marks) in school tests. At that time, she used to stand by me and used to save me from a whacking.

Paresh, study hard. This is the time to study. Concentrate on your studies now, you will get time for everything else later.

After saving me from my father, she used to tell the above words in soft tone and very polite manner. Whenever I was restless, she took me in her lap and gave me best comfort in the world. Even as a twenty-year-old guy, I used to sleep in her lap and she used to move her over my head till I finish talking and sleep. Her lap was heaven for me. I lost five years ago. She took her last breath in front of my eyes and I was not able to do anything. She taught me lot of things. She taught me to be honest, moralistic, humble, modest and hard working. She was a self-made woman and she passed on those qualities first, to her children and then to her grand children.

She was a very simple woman. She loved spending time with her children. If she was alive today then I would have surprised her by inviting bua (paternal aunt) and chachu (paternal uncle) at our home. After inviting, I would have gathered them (chachu, bua and my father) in her room and would have given them the precious time together. After gathering them in her room, I would have found my place in her lap (keeping everyone else aside) and would have given my unwanted view points on every topic. When she was alive, everyday was grandparents’ day for me.

Guys, if you have grandparents then don’t leave them alone. #LoveJatao.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

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    1. While I was writing this post, my eyes were misty thorughout. It means it has struck the right cord. Dil ki baat dil tak pahunch gayi.
      And yes, she is watching and hopefully, she will come to my rescue whenever I need her.

  1. I miss my grandmother so much, no one has any idea. I agree with all what you just expressed in this post. They might sound or appear annoying, but they are pure, their intentions are right and they love us more than we can think πŸ™‚

  2. What a nice and touchy post… Loved reading it πŸ™‚
    I lost my maternal grandfather couple of years back. He was such a sweet person and am glad that he could see me getting married and his grand daughter-in-law πŸ™‚
    Loved this post Paresh!!

  3. Very True, Grandparents are such a good companions for their grandchildren. I see how my son is so find of his grandparents. It’s cute and adorable just like you have mentioned about your memories and lovely pics of your grandmother

  4. ‘Interest on investment’ – that’s such a cute way of describing grandchildren. Sometimes grandparents are able to get across to us way more effectively than our parents. You were fortunate to have had these moments with your grand mom. People we love stay on in our hearts always.

  5. I only had my nani when I was born. She lived with us only and naturally I was very attached to her. Many times I used to get irritated when she used to call again and again for something or the other. But today, I want to help but she is not there. There are many points in life where she was the only companion to me.

  6. A very heart warming post.. Having lived with grandparents till I moved out post marriage I can totally relate… But my thoughts about letting them stay in an old age home seem to be changing after seeing my really old neighbour craving for company her age.. inspite of living with family, everyone gets busy with their lives and she used to be very social till she was unable to go down and meet her age friends for her daily conversations, bhajans etc.. shes been wanting to go and live in an old age home so that she can be around friends her age for 5 days in the week and come back home on weekends with family…

    1. That’s probably because her family is not giving her proper time. It’s all about priorities. As they get older, they need more attention which children in home give them. If they are around then I don’t think they need to go anywhere else.

  7. Such a full-of-love post this is. Grandparents are precious and they deserve to spend time with their grandchildren. How lucky are you to experience such a special bond with her.

  8. A heartfelt post Paresh! I can relate to each and every aspect of this post. Past year had been very tough for me as i lost my grand ma and still even after a year I don’t see my spirits improving. I was very attached to her and it broke my heart that she is no more.

  9. Thanks for sharing some lovely memories. I don’t have enough memories with my Grandparents. I have lost them all now. But when they were alive, I was living in another country. So there’s such some blurred memories.

    1. Fingers crossed. This contest gave me an opportunity to put out a message and after witnessing these comments, I am being successful in doing that.

  10. Its such a beautiful post, Thanks for sharing it .. Time spent with grand parents and being able to learn from them and their life’s experiences is a blessing

    Neha (Sharing Our Experiences)

  11. Hi Paresh! This is such a heart-felt post. As a reader, I could really sense a lot of love and warmth for your grandmother. This post really moved me. You are blessed to experience such pure love and be guided by such immense wisdom. Keep writing! Love and God Bless!

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