‘Health is wealth.’ This famous old saying is true even today. If you have the wealth of the whole world but your health is not proper or you are not well then you won’t enjoy that wealth. My family doctor used to say “Invest in your health today and you won’t face health issues in latter stages of your life.” While saying that, he was pointing towards certain health issues like obesity, diabetes, knee problems and heart diseases. He suggested me a schedule of what to eat and at what time. Along with that, he gave the list of things to avoid. It contained almost all the things which I love to eat. Of course, I didn’t follow that schedule. Instead, I made my own.

To lead a healthy and fit life, you need to have following things in you:

  1. Will power
  2. Tight schedule
  3. Exercise

Will power

First and foremost, thing you need to lead a healthy and fit life is will power. You need that to follow tight schedule and to exercise daily. Without will power, you will neither be fit nor healthy. I have that will power in me. I have ability to stop myself from consuming junk all the time. I have ability to stop myself from overeating. I have that will to do exercise daily.

Tight schedule

You need to follow the schedule to lead a healthy life. Schedule of eating and drinking. Initially, it will be difficult till you are habituated to it. Once you are habituated to it then it will become a part of your routine.

My schedule is like, I start my day with milk and handful of almonds. I eat two times a day. I take lunch and dinner. I eat lunch around 1:30 p.m. and dinner around 9:00. I don’t drink water after the meal for couple of hours. I drink it before the meal. I don’t sleep and eat. I make sure that I eat at least two hours before sleeping. I never overeat no matter how delicious the food is. I don’t even eat to my capacity. I eat 75% to 80% of my capacity. If I feel like having something in the evening then I drink glucose or lime water.

This schedule of mine is now my habit. I eat everything I like but in limit. This schedule has helped a lot. I am someone who gains weight very quickly. It has helped me in controlling my weight. And these habits keep me fit and healthy.


Along with the schedule, exercise is very important for the fitness of your body. When it comes to exercise, lot of people prefer to go to the gym or do yoga. I prefer outdoor sports. I play cricket on weekend. Cricket not only keeps my body fit and healthy but it keeps my mind fit as well. Apart from cricket on weekends, I walk more than 2 kms daily. I climb around 250 to 300 steps daily. If I get the chance to play any outdoor sport during the week then I grab that chance with both the hands.

With the above-mentioned routine and schedule, I have maintained my weight between 65 kgs to 70 kgs (for a long time now) with the 5’10” height. And I have no major disease or health issue. This is my way of being fit and healthy. What’s yours?

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

8 thoughts on “Being Healthy!”

  1. Wow, you sound like a very disciplined person. You’re right though. Each time I’ve channelled my will-power towards a proper diet-exercise routine I’ve found a difference in my life. I so need to get back to it.

    1. You should. Health and fitness is important after mid 20s as we get busy running behind money. We forget everything else in that process.

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