This is my second Priya Kumar book after ‘The Calling’. The Calling have had set some standards about the author. Thus, I had some expectations from this book. Priya Kumar writes inspiring stories which help you to grow in each and every phase of life. She always shows positive side of every situation in life. In her stories, she always focuses on happy people with no disappointments and that thing heals you at times. At the moment, whole world is in some or the other problem or is facing some kind of difficulty in life. And that problem or difficulty in life will help you in establishing the connection with her story. And when you read her books, you might get the solution to your problem or difficulty.

The Wise Man Said is story about a writer and a successful old man. Writer is lost in her life. She has been warned to submit the story and has no inspiration to write a story. She tried to run away from her problem and met an old man with red Nike shoes. The old man was a successful businessman and had huge amount experience in his pocket. He was a wanderer who used to explore the world most of the time in a year & his adventures had no adverse effect on his business. In fact, profits were rising every year. Writer was blown away by his ability and his personality. The meeting between them was short but a life changing one for the writer.

Old man left his diary for her in which he had written his experiences of exploring the world. In that book, he had mentioned about the places which will never be part of your tour packages. Old man mentioned twelve destinations in his diary. In all those destinations, he chose the path less travelled (which will never be part of tour packages). And after every adventure, he wrote about his experience and the lesson he learnt during that adventure. He learnt very important lessons in life while exploring the world. He shaped his life on the basis of those lessons which he learnt on the paths less travelled. To know more about those lessons, you should read the book.

When it comes to family, it is never about money. It is your presence and attitude of your service that does wonders, the wealth is incidental.

Overall it is a good read. Priya Kumar has described those places so well that you will be tempted to visit those places. Apart from those places, you will find lot of quotes connected to your life. And that thing will give you the satisfaction of reading the book. So, read what The Wise Man has said in this book.

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