India has won individual gold medal in Olympics because of him. He almost added one more medal to the tally during his last appearance in the Olympic games but he missed the shot by few millimetres. I am talking about the ace shooter who do not believe in positive thinking, Abhinav Bindra. Abhinav was born in a Punjabi family and he started playing this sport in his school life. In initial stages, he was reluctant to play the sport but later, he became passionate about it. His parents were very supportive. They installed an indoor shooting range at their home to motivate Abhinav to take the sport seriously.

Bindra participated in (1998) Commonwealth Games at the age of 15. He was youngest participant then. Abhinav won his first medal in 2001 Munich world cup. He won bronze medal in that event. Then in 2002 Commonwealth Games, he won gold in pairs event and silver in individual air rifle event. In 2006, Abhinav became the first Indian shooter to win the world championship. He won another gold in 2006. It was Melbourne Commonwealth Games and he won the gold in pairs event. It wasn’t only gold that year, he won bronze as well in singles event. It was a great year for Bindra.

Then, Bindra got into headlines in 2008 when he won the gold in Beijing Olympic games. He won the first individual gold medal for India. And that feat pushed whole country to follow the Olympics & Commonwealth Games. That victory not only promoted shooting in the country but also gave other athletes a belief that if Abhinav Bindra can do it then they can do it too. And the performance from Indian contingent has improved a lot after that. Abhinav won that gold medal with a tampered gun and that was the best part of the victory. Gun’s sight was tampered in the time between qualifying round and the final round. On that Abhinav rather than filing a complaint, said “it happens!” Now that’s the attitude of a true champion.

BEIJING – AUGUST 11: Abhinav Bindra of India poses with his gold medal in the Men’s 10m Air Rifle Final at the Beijing Shooting Range Hall on day 3 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 11, 2008 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

90s generation started following the Olympics and Commonwealth Games after that victory of Abhinav Bindra. Gold medal in 2008 Olympic games inspired 90s kids to make career in shooting and other athletic sports. Before 2008, gold in Olympics was history for us. We have won those golds because of the consistency of our hockey team. As a 90s kid, Brindra’s hard work and humility impresses me the most. According to him, he has no talent and all he can do is practise regularly, diligently and honestly. He wants people to look at sports as a serious profession. He has his own shooting academy where 90s kids and other kids as well work hard to make India proud with more gold medals at Olympic games.

I hope like Abhinav Bindra, whole 90s generation will practise (their profession) regularly, diligently and honestly.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this superstar yet but i think he will be an legend oneday soon :)), Great details on this guy and that’s awesome participated early in his age :))

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