One and a half year ago, we (as a family) decided to buy a new house. I had started earning and considering my marriage and kids, my father thought of buying us a new house. But I stepped up and said that this should be my sole responsibility and a milestone I would like to accomplish on my own.

My company was ready to give me a home loan. I balanced my expenditure with a suitable EMI and decided that with a close control on expenses, I could take the jump. In return, I was getting tax exemption on my current income as well as my future income. With that thought process, I started scouting for projects which I could possibly buy. Post all the calculation, my budget was pegged at around 55 lacs.

When my father purchased our house, he followed a simple approach of finding a trusted builder or broker from our community and bought a house by keeping blind faith on him.

But in today’s time, brands matter for various reasons. You have to analyse the project, price, amenities, square feet cost, credibility etc. I did all that necessary research and shortlisted a few real estate companies and projects to buy from. I visited a couple of projects to see if the apartments and the price suited my budget. I wanted a 3 BHK apartment but even 2 BHK was going out beyond my range. All the projects by reputed companies, 2 BHK typically was costing around a minimum Rs. 65 lakhs and 3 BHK was somewhere around Rs. 72 lakhs. Thus, I stalled the idea of buying a house of my own.

You start valuing a thing when you don’t get it easily. The decision which I took under the influence of my father, became goal of my life. I started working towards it and first step towards it was to increase the income. Thus, I got busy in increasing my income. One fine day, while browsing Twitter, my usual source to consume hot news, I came across someone talking about an attractive deal with affordable housing from TATA Value Homes. It said 99 homes with 99% funding for 99 hours. Had it been from any other real estate player, I would have easily scrolled past as just another ad without any real deal. But since it came from a brand that we’ve always trusted, I decided to hold on and read more about the offering. To my sheer surprise, the brand didn’t fail to impress, like always!

TATA is offering 99 homes with 99% funding for 99 hours. In addition to that, TATA Value Homes is also offering discounts up to Rs. 19 lacs. I checked whether any other real estate brand or company is offering such a deal. The answer was No.

This got me excited enough to search for one of their properties in Ahmedabad and to my surprise I found two! New Haven and Shubh Griha – off which – New Haven impressed me more. It has a club house equipped with all facilities such as gym, yoga & meditation room, multipurpose hall, Swimming Pool and Kids swimming pool. The society even has a basketball court and a volleyball court. To top it all, the budget was very well within my means and I decided to consider it as an ideal deal for my dream home.

New Haven – Ahmedabad

I have registered for my dream home, all thanks to TATA in helping me achieve a key milestone for myself and my family.  It’s a dream come true for me. Not only for living purpose, the offer is very lucrative for investment purposes as well.

If you are considering investing in this deal, make sure you do it soon as the offer is only for 99 hours that will start from 2nd November 12 AM and will end on 6th November 3AM.

You can register here, registration open till 1st of November.  And this offer is on projects in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and near Pune.

To know more about the projects, visit

15 thoughts on “Ninety Nine Hours – #TATA99HomesFestival”

  1. I am glad you have taken the step towards making your dream come true. This offer from TVH is unbeatable and an answer to so many prayers. The project you’ve shortlisted in Ahmedabad looks so good. All the best to you Paresh.

    1. Yes, I can see other real estate company owners scratching their heads to think of something to beat this offer.

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