I have always believed that writing is all about sharing your personal experiences. I started writing to share my experiences and express my views. I am saying all these things because I just finished the book in which writer has shared her own experiences. Off Beats is the outcome of A to Z challenge 2017. The challenge in which I wrote Life in Local Train. Before A to Z challenge, I knew Gayatri as a Tiniature lady. Tiniature is a tiny story challenge in which Gayatri invites twitterati to write short (50 to 60 words) stories. Despite of here invitations, I haven’t participated in that challenge yet but it is quite a fun activity.

Off Beats is Gayatri’s travel diary. Title and the cover of Off Beats will give you that indication. In this book, Gayatri has spoken about those destinations which will never be in your tour packages. She hasn’t mentioned only destination, she has given complete details with websites. She has mentioned her plans and shared her tips as well.

Gayatri has lived in London for some time and in this book, she has also mentioned about some trips she has planned from London. She has included some road trips as well. I am a kind of person who enjoy road trips so I enjoyed reading about those trips.

Off Beats also describes some places near Mumbai. I never knew that there are so many adventurous places near Mumbai. Off all those places (near Mumbai) I read about in the book, I have had visited only one.

This book not only describe Gayatri’s adventures and experiences but it helps you in planning your trip. Off Beats is not just a book it is a complete guide. The reason I am saying this because it has photos and videos (from Gayatri’s collection). Apart from that, there are links to book your visit or to get the complete information about the place.

Overall, it is a good read. Some chapters will push you to search for more information, while some will give you the complete information. You will feel Gayatri’s excitement of visiting new places while reading this.

It is available on amazon. To grab your copy, click here.

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