McDonald’s is in this world since 1940. There are more than 32000 outlets of McDonald’s around the world. McDonald’s entered in Indian market in 1996. Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL) has a master franchisee relationship with McDonald’s. HRPL has the right to own and operate McDonald’s restaurants in India’s West and South markets.  In 1996, first restaurant was opened in Bandra, Mumbai. McDonald’s made its entry into Gujarat by opening a restaurant in Ahmedabad in 2002. Then in 2004, McDonald’s launched ‘Happy price menu’. And Happy price menu (rather Rs. 25 Mc Aloo Tikki burger) brought McDonald’s into spotlight.


Theme and Development of this outlet

Today, there are 250+ restaurants across 34 cities and 10 states in West and South India. And out of those 250+ restaurants, I have chosen my favourite restaurant in Ahmedabad. It is located in Chandkheda. Chandkheda is one of the developing areas in Ahmedabad and the McDonald’s restaurant in this area is probably newest in the city. I have witnessed its growth since its inception. It was started as a small outlet in 2 storey small commercial complex. Soon, it became a hangout place in Ahmedabad. And then, from one floor small outlet, it became an upgraded McDonald’s restaurant. Today, it occupies one-third of that complex.


What it offers to it’s customers

McDonald’s offers quality food at cheaper price, that’s why people choose McDonald’s. It has designed different menu for India and from that menu, it focusses on different items as per the preference of the customers in different cities and states. McCafe is the value addition in that menu and this outlet in Chandkheda has McCafe. McCafe will impress you with the variety of cold coffee in the land where there is no Starbucks. Moreover, It provides you that variety at much cheaper rate than Starbucks. Apart from variety in cold coffee, McCafe offers awesome options in hot coffee and tea. It also offers hot chocolate with some muffins and cakes.

McDonald’s has general menu across India and you will find whole menu in this outlet. At any point of time, you will not be disappointed with unavailability of something from the menu. Moreover, staff of this outlet knows how to deal with the rush. On weekends, there is mad rush in the outlet. Despite mad rush, staff delivers every order within 15 minutes. And no matter how much rush is there in the outlet, you will find the place (if not on the ground floor then on the first floor) to sit and eat nicely. This outlet is spacious enough to handle the weekend rush.

You can visit this outlet alone to enjoy the coffee, you can visit with your date to have some great time, you can hangout with friends or you can have great evening with your family here. This outlet will not disappoint you anyway. Ambience, staff, service, food, beverages everything will make you happy. You can find directions to the outlet below:

Directions to McDonald’s – Chandkheda, Ahmedabad.

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  1. First time ne to see someone write about Mcdonald’s. That branch looks very festive. We have hundreds of those fastfood chains here in the Philippines and they all look the same.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing such great article. 🙂 More power to your blog.

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