Domino’s was founded in 1960 when Tom Monaghan bought his first Pizza Restaurant. In 1960, it was called Dominick’s. It became Domino’s Pizza in 1965. Domino’s Pizza is operating a network of company owned and franchise owned restaurants all over the world. In India, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited (part of Jubilant Bhartia Group Company) operates the Domino’s Pizza. It has the exclusive rights for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. First restaurant of Domino’s pizza in India was opened in Delhi in 1996. Domino’s aims to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.


Theme and Idea behind this outlet

‘Ta na na na ri, O pizza aaye free’ brought Domino’s pizza into spotlight in India. Domino’s pizza became famous in this part of the world by offering pizza delivery within 30 minutes or else free. Today, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited has around 1,126 Domino’s pizza restaurants across 264 cities. And out of more than 1100 restaurants, I have chosen one on the hill station, Dehradun. This outlet in Doon (They call Dehradun as Doon) is in Pacific Mall. Pacific Mall is the best mall in Doon. It is located on Rajpur Road which is the most happening locale in Dehradun. Domino’s Pizza is on the first floor of that mall. And as it is the best mall in the city, it pulls crowd on daily basis. There are lot of restaurants in that mall along with Domino’s.


What it offers to it’s customers

Like all other international food chains, Domino’s also has special menu for India and it differs a bit in different cities as per the culture and preference of the people. Domino’s keep updating its menu as per the need and trend. I was happy to find that this outlet had full menu. Domino’s is not just about pizza (or rather cheese burst pizza). Domino’s more than just a pizza restaurant. Lot of people visit Domino’s for burger pizza, stuffed garlic bread, taco Mexicana, zingy parcel, Choco lava cake and butterscotch mousse cake. And if one doesn’t find any of these things, one feels disappointed. This outlet in Pacific Mall has everything I mentioned above.

The best part about this outlet is it is never crowded. You will find only Domino’s lovers in this Domino’s restaurant. The main reason for that is the mall offers lot of other options to eat. And as this outlet is in North India, it focuses on non-veg. Along with pizzas and side orders, it offers chicken wings and meatballs. Staff is good and delivers the order on time. There is one unique feature of this outlet which is rare in Domino’s restaurants. And that feature is that it has outdoor seating as well. Outdoor seating facility allows one to enjoy hot Choco lava cake while enjoying cold weather in Doon.

Here, you can have hot cheese burst pizza and Choco lava cake in leather jacket with your girlfriend or boyfriend while enjoying the cold weather. You can plan family outing as this outlet satisfies the demand of whole family. You can organise a small get together, birthday party or a meeting here. This will not disappoint you. You can find directions to the outlet below.

Directions to Domino’s – Pacific Mall, Dehradun.


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