Cafe Coffee Day is a part of coffee day global limited. First cafe of cafe coffee day was opened in 1996 at Brigade Road in Bangalore. From that single cafe in Bangalore, it has become the largest organised retail cafe chain in the country. In these twenty-one years, it has been expanded itself in the countries like Austria, Czech Republic and Malaysia. Coffee Day global limited is not limited to Cafe Coffee Day only, it exports coffee through coffee day exports. Coffee Day exports is one of the largest exporters of green coffee since 1999. Apart from coffee day exports, coffee day global also has their hotels and resorts as coffee day hotels and resorts.


‘A lot can happen over coffee,’ is the tagline of cafe coffee day. Cafe Coffee Day is basically a hangout place accepted by youth and the people who are young at heart. Cafe Coffee Day provides youth of today, a space which they call their own for a while. In that space, they sit down, talk and listen to conversations, hold short meetings and mainly have a whole lot of fun over steaming cups of endless coffee. The menu of CCD has wide range of hot and cold coffee. The best part of that range is that you won’t anything similar anywhere else. This range is Devil’s own range which differentiate itself from other cafes or cafe chains. Apart from coffee, other beverages are also refreshing. In food, it provides complete meals as well as the quick bites depending on the demand and preferences.

What it offers to its customers?

Out all the CCDs, I am describing the one at infocity, Gandhinagar (Gujarat) in this post. Infocity in the capital of Gujarat is the home for lot of IT companies (including TCS). In addition to that, there are couple of colleges in that area. So, it is quite happening place. CCD in infocity was started with less seating capacity. With the passage of time, it got popular and became a hangout place for the employees, for the students and for other people as well. Thus, it evolved and its seating capacity was increased. Like all other CCD outlets, you will be welcomed by the aroma of coffee. The ambience of the outlet is very good and the seating is very well organised.

In this outlet, you will find the whole beverages menu but you won’t find the whole food menu. You will find all the quick bite options but complete meal options will be missing in this outlet. There is CCD packed food section as well. Even on weekends, you can spend some quality time here. There is no weekend rush in this outlet for obvious reasons like lot of other cafes and restaurants in the premises and option of eating cuisine of choice. It gives you opportunity to spend time with CCD lovers only. Staff is well trained and will serve you well. This is the best place in infocity for small business meeting, coffee date, reunion, hangout and Devil’s own (all CCD beverages) lovers.

Directions to Cafe Coffee Day – infocity, Gandhinagar.


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