I wanted to complete this book in 2017 but was not able to do it. The sole reason for that is the genre of the book. Horror is not my genre. Hand coming from behind to grab a neck or face, body tearing into the parts, cutting the parts of the body, skin melting and a person turning into a vampire are not the things which I like to see or read. I am scared of all these things. When Anmol was writing this book, I read couple of chapters. Thus, I had idea what he was writing. Anmol is a huge fan of Stephen King. Imagine, a Stephen King fan (who is a pretty good writer himself) writing a horror book.

I started reading this book in crowded places like train, airport and other public places. I didn’t want to read it at night and sleep with the chapters of that book in mind. It is very well written. I will commend two things about the writer. One, imagination of the writer and second, writing twenty-six different horror events with different characters. Title of the book contains the line ‘This book is cursed.’ And that line does the complete justice. Out of twenty-six stories, some will bring the scenes of final destination in front of your eyes. While some will shock you with suspense and thrill. And some chapters will give you the idea of what’s coming next.


When I said Anmol that I read it only in crowded places, he didn’t believe me. He was like “Ab thoda jyada ho rahaa hai.” I was not able to make him believe that. He thought I am saying him to impress him. This book is his solo debut. He wrote few books earlier but in all of them, he was a co-author. He has worked really well on his solo debut. From writing to pricing to marketing, he had the plan for everything. He plotted and executed it pretty well. This book is a great and affordable horror ride for those who love reading horror. Horror movie fans will also fall in love with it.  The book is available on Amazon.

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One thought on “Book Review: ABC of Horror by Anmol Rawat”

  1. Thank you so much for all the praise buddy! Glad you completed the book and enjoyed reading it!
    So for once, I was the man with a plan! 😀 No actually, I just went with the flow, but glad things went on the positive side.
    Thank you again 🙂

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