A year ago, we were following a normal Sunday schedule. I was taking middle stump guard after deciding to bat first on a cool Sunday morning. It was a special Sunday morning because it was reunion of school friends. That day, I was playing cricket with school friends after ten long years. There was decline in everyone’s stamina. So, rather than playing cricket, we were pulling each other’s leg. It was a ride down to memory lane. With every single delivery, there was a huge roar of laughter. We were laughing and reminding each other of agility and reflexes we had ten years back.

Among those people, Rajen played with me regularly. Thus, his stamina and agility was quite good. That morning, he came to take rest after bowling couple of overs. I was surprised to see that.

“What happened bro? You haven’t been on the field for long and you have come out to rest, is everything okay?” I asked him after getting out.

“Yeah bro, everything is fine but from last two to three Sundays, I feel pain in muscles when I complete an over. I feel exhausted after bowling my quota and fielding 16 overs on the field.” He was breathing hard and fast.

His skin looked dull and lifeless. I brought it to his notice before ending the session.

When we met again on next Sunday, I asked him about his health. And Rajen told me about his deficiency of vitamin E. “I checked on the internet first then, I consulted the doctor,” Rajen revealed after declaring his deficiency. “Vitamin E is very important for body. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, a well-known antioxidant and boosts immune system.” He explained me the words of Doctor.

“So what doctor prescribed?” I wanted to know to advise someone with same deficiency.

“Doctor has prescribed the evion capsule and cream.” Rajen replied instantly.

After completing the match, I reached home and googled #Evion. I was surprised to know that Evion is India’s No.1 vitamin E brand with a legacy of thirty-nine years. There is a range of Evion supplements for vitamin E. Evion cream is one of a kind cream in India. Cream provides the concentration of vitamin E along with aloe vera which helps in moisturising the skin and providing protection against cell damage. After doing the complete research, I discovered that Evion provide a solution to every type of vitamin E deficiency. With evion, one can live a healthy and we’ll balanced life.

After doing the research, I was assured that Rajen is taking right medication and will be alright soon.

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