I travel around 160 km daily. My workplace is 80 km away from my hometown. The place where I work doesn’t provide me water which suits my body. Whenever I drink water at my workplace, I fall ill. Thus, I carry an extra bottle of water at my workplace. In winter, the strategy of carrying an extra water bottle works but in summer, simply two bottles of water are not enough. When the temperature reaches 47°c or even go beyond that, it gets difficult to keep me hydrated. During last summer, I got the dehydration stroke for the first time in my life.

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Apart from the heat, the reason for dehydration stroke was my immunity. Immunity levels (of my body) has gone down since I have started commuting. Thus, to fight dehydration this summer, I started doing research well in advance. While finding the ways to fight dehydration, I found out that one can fight dehydration by drinking infused water.

Benefits of infused water

Fruit infused water keeps the body hydrated. And if one consumes the infused water regularly then one can build a stronger immune system.

Fruit infused water
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Infusion of water

Water can be infused with fruits, edible flowers, herbs, and vegetables but the fusion of water with fruits will work best for me. Normally water takes few hours to infuse flavours. If one uses thin slices (of fruits) then flavours will be infused quickly.

After finding the way of fighting dehydration, I needed the proper carrier of infused water to my workplace to keep myself hydrated. I found a lot of fruit infuser water on Internet but only instacuppa thermos steel fruit infuser water bottle satisfied my need.

InstaCuppa thermos steel fruit infuser water bottle

InstaCuppa thermos steel fruit infuser water bottle is the only fruit infuser bottle with removable fruit infuser rod. It allows one to use it as a bottle to carry cold water or as a thermos to carry hot tea or coffee. The price of this bottle is almost equal to any good quality thermos steel (normal) bottle.

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Plan for the summer

So, my plan for this summer is, I will carry two water bottles as usual. One will be normal thermos steel water bottle which will have only cold water. And the other bottle will be InstaCuppa thermos steel fruit infuser water bottle which will have slices of a fruit along with cold water.

First, I will drink water from normal thermos steel water bottle till the afternoon when the heat is not too much. It will give InstaCuppa thermos steel water bottle few hours to infuse flavours. And when the heat will be scorching in the afternoon, my infused water will be ready to consume. In this way, I will keep myself hydrated and will build a stronger immune system this summer.

Other products

If you don’t want cold water then InstaCuppa also has titan edition fruit infuser water bottle.

InstaCuppa titan edition fruit infuser water bottle

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InstaCuppa gives one an option of detox water bottles as well. These water bottles have double walled glass.

InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea / Detox Infuser Bottle

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19 thoughts on “#InstaCuppa and Me”

  1. The brand has innovated real helpful products for today’s healthy lifestyle. I liked the infused water bottle and the milk frother the most from their collection. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  2. Hi Paresh! I completely agree that we must hydrate ourselves naturally. I could relate to this post as it made me think of my husband who commutes long distances to work. While I do pack lunch for him, I am now considering an Instacuppa water bottle for him to carry to his workplace as well. You made me stop and think. Thanks for the wonderful post. Please read my Week 4 post for #Superbloggerchallenge2018 here: https://thetinaedit.com/2018/03/12/heres-how-i-think-instacuppa-will-be-a-great-addition-for-my-family-superbloggerchallenge2018/.

    1. Instacuppa bottles are actually good for summers to fight dehydration and built immune system which is lost while commuting.

  3. Gosh! you travel 160 km daily ! My office is just walk-able distance from my house. I guess we all need water in plentiful quantities and infused waters and infusers are a great idea.

    1. You need water in plenty if you commute on daily basis. And I have chosen this job and life so have to do it.

    1. I work as an accountant in New India Assurance and I live in Ahmedabad and am posted in Anand, a small city 80 km from Ahmedabad.

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