When I decided to take part in April A to Z challenge last year, I had three ideas in my mind. I wrote on one idea last year. And this year, I will be writing on the second idea out of those three. It was my first-time last year. So, I had a lot of queries and questions regarding the challenge. I wasn’t even able to reveal the theme properly. This year, I have more idea about the challenge and have experience of participating in it. So hopefully, this year will be better than the last year. This year, my theme is IPL. IPL has completed a decade. And in the period of ten years, IPL has given rise to sports leagues in this country. The advent of IPL is such that franchise cricket has become the new mantra around the world.

People in this country are emotionally attached to the game. And IPL as made a room in the hearts of Indians. So, this year in A to Z challenge, I am going to study the IPL. IPL has brought revolution in franchise cricket around the world. Today, almost all the cricket playing nations has their own leagues inspired by IPL. So, it is important to study the league which has changed the face of the game.

Why IPL-ology?

The study of any subject is denoted by ology. And here we are studying IPL, so IPL-ology. Moreover, I am going to launch it as an e-book and for that, one needs a proper title and IPL-ology is the perfect title for my third book.

What will it cover?

The study of any subject covers A to Z about that subject. Ironically, IPL-ology will cover A to Z of IPL. It will study each and every factor of IPL. It will cover each and every aspect of IPL.

The best part is, we will study different aspects of the league during the eleventh season of IPL. On One hand, there will be the excitement of the ongoing season and on other, my study will take you deep into every aspect of IPL. As online broadcasters show all the angles and give you a choice of watching the game from different cameras and angles, I will also show you all the angles of the league through my words.

I hope my study will add to the fun, excitement, and entertainment. I am pretty excited to present my study. So, get ready for the IPL packed April.


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