When a new singer with some uniqueness is introduced in Bollywood, he stays in demand for a while but Sonu Nigam is in demand since last twenty-five years. Normally, singers have a phase in Bollywood in which they enjoy fame and fandom but Sonu Nigam have had an era. And we are still living in that era. Other singers survive till their uniqueness or x-factor is in trend but Sonu Nigam is evergreen. Even the great Shankar Mahadevan consider Sonu Nigam as his favourite singer. Other singers disappear after some time because people don’t find their uniqueness or x-factor interesting. When it comes to Sonu Nigam, even after twenty-five years, people love to listen to his songs and are not bored of him.

Sonu was born on 30 July 1973 in Faridabad. He started singing professionally when he was four years old. Under the guidance of his father, he mastered the art. His sister is also a professional singer. His first song was released in 1992 and he has never looked back since then. He has sung so many memorable songs. His album Deewana took his career to the next level. While Kal Ho Naa Ho title track made him the national award-winning singer. He has not only sung the songs, he has composed music as well. Sonu Nigam has composed music of five movies so far and one of them has been nominated for the Oscars.

Sonu is one of those few singers who have the ability to bring out emotions with his voice. He is not only a singer and a composer, he is a good anchor as well. He uses his voice to mimic other singers to bring a show alive. As an actor, he has been featured in quite a few movies. Apart from that, he has judged a lot of singing shows. Sonu Nigam will give you goosebumps and will make you dance on his tunes if you are watching him live. In short, Sonu Nigam is not just a singer and a composer, he is a complete entertainment package. Shah Rukh Khan considers Sonu Nigam as a true artist.

90sΒ Kid’s Connection

As a 90s kid, I get inspired by his focus, his mastery over the art and how he enjoys his work. When you enjoy doing your work then only people are going to love your work. One thing 90s generation should note that he has shaped his career around his singing (an art which he knows really well) and he has handled the success very well. He has never allowed the success to get into his head. And this is the only reason for the longevity of his success. Another thing which inspires me as a 90s kid is his versatility. Sonu Nigam doesn’t sing only one type of songs. He has proved his mettle in all the genres of singing. The reason for his versatility is his grip on the basics of singing. 90s generation salutes this true artist and master of his art.

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15 thoughts on “90s Kid’s Superstars: Sonu Nigam #SuperBloggerChallenge2018”

  1. Yes, truly a superstar. Eternal favourite of mine. Your article transported me to my hostel days when I used to crazily listen to his songs 😊 #superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa

  2. I’m a Sonu Nigam fan right from Accha sila diya tune mere pyar ka. His soulful voice reminds me of legend Mohd Rafi. He got his due much later than he deserved, nevertheless he has no one to compare himself with in the current lot.

  3. He is one of those legendary singers that our generation has seen. But sadly, he is not singing for Bollywood as much he used. Miss his songs and his voice. Thanks for sharing all the details about this wonderful person!

  4. If I were to speak about my first celebrity crush, he would be R Madhavan, but the second was Sonu nigam and has remained so ever since. 20 years that’s a long time. Thanks for refreshing all the young adult memories.

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