“Aunty, paani do na?” (Aunty, please give some me water) my 5-year-old neighbour asked for water as I entered the home in the evening. It is a daily activity. He comes in the evening as I reach home from my workplace and asks for water. He has a habit of asking a full glass of water. And that day, he took only two sips (of his size) from that glass and gave the glass back to me. When he was giving the glass to me, I was checking my Instagram. And at that time only, I saw the pic of African kid drinking dirty water. I was moved by that. I realised how much drinking water is wasted in my house. Then, I showed that pic to my neighbour and tried to make him understand that he should not waste the water.

Current Scenario

Recently on the occasion of Holi, the government of Gujarat issued a notice appealing to the clubs not to organise rain dance this year. Some clubs followed it while some spread water of the rain dance on it. At the moment, people are getting the water in abundance. Thus, they don’t think it should be saved. At any cost (wasting water for that is a very small thing), enjoyment is must for the people. Cape Town (in South Africa) is the first city to face day zero. It is a day when the government cut the water connections for homes and businesses. If water is not saved now then in future, metro cities here can face this. In India, Karnataka government is already giving alarming stats. Bangalore can be the first city in India to face something like Day Zero.

Time for action

Time has come for us to wake up and take step towards the wastage of water. We should start consuming only that amount of drinking water which is required to satisfy our thirst. We should not waste even a drop of drinking water. The pic of African kid indicates the shortage of drinking water and how lucky and blessed we are. Livpure has come up with a great initiative to solve that problem. This initiative by Livpure is called #CuttingPaani. Through this initiative, Livpure is appealing to people to consume only that much amount of water which you actually require. Drinking only half a glass of water and wasting other half is not done.

Every drop of water is precious in this alarming situation. Consume every drop of water. Make full use of unused water in one or the other way. Don’t throw it away. Usually, at the end of the day, I used to throw away the water remaining in my bottle which I carry to my workplace. After the instance mentioned above, I drink that remaining water after coming home. This is not the only step I have taken. I make sure that the tap is not open when I am brushing my teeth or when the bucket is full while taking bath. I make sure that there no leakage in anywhere in the house. This is minimum we can do to save water. And these small things should be done in front of children so that they can learn the importance of water.

Take an oath to save water by signing this petition and adopt #CuttingPaani before water cutting.

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