“What’s the line ‘The King wins and the hand trains.’ I have been the best trainer in the recent time.” Lord Ravi welcomed Lord Anil in the courtroom.

“You trained them well when the training was easy.” Lord Anil headed towards for the small council meet.


We have staged a tournament in the westerlands (West Indies) in honour of your appointment as hand of the king.

“We are gathered here to select the team for that tournament.” Lords of small matters declared it in front of Lord Anil.

The team was selected and the team along with the king headed towards the westerlands.

In the westerlands, King Kohli and his team were welcomed by the Lord Jason of the house Holder (King of the westerlands). Lord Holder provided King Kohli and his team the best hospitality and the comfort.

The stage was set in the westerlands for the tournament comprised of four test matches.

1st Test

King Kohli led the team from the front. He smashed the bowlers all over the park and scored a double hundred. Apart from King Kohli, Knight Ashwin also displayed all-round performance which helped King Kohli get his first victory in the wastelands (West Indies).

2nd Test

In the second match as well, King Kohli and his team started really well with Knight Ashwin taking 5-wicket haul and putting up a big total on the board. Lord Jason and his men came back strongly in that match and were successful to draw the match. At the end of the 2nd Test, King Kohli lead the tournament 1-0.

3rd Test

In the third test, King Kohli and his men once again dominated the team of Lord Jason. Lord Jason started well but lost the plot when Knight Ashwin and Lord Wridhiman came out to bat. Then, Lord of swing, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar rattled Lord Jason and his men and handed King Kohli second victory of the tournament.

4th Test

In the fourth test, there was only one day’s play. Men of Lord Jason batted for 20 odd overs. The conditions during the fourth test were wet and gloomy. Thus, four days’ play was abandoned and test match ended in a draw. King Kohli won the tournament in the westerlands 2-0.

Knight Ashwin was chosen the man of the tournament for his all-round performance in the westerlands.

The realm warmly welcomed King Kohli, hand of the king and the trophy from the westerlands.

“King and his men comes first, hand always stay in the background.” Lord Anil addressed the realm after bringing the trophy home.

“I am appointed to train the king and his men so that they can bring glory for the kingdom. And I will do that with utmost loyalty.” Realm applauded Lord Anil’s efforts and modesty and celebrated the victory.

Lord Anil began well as the hand of the king.


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