It began when Shahrukh Khan was seen with BCCI officials in the stands during the WT20 final in 2007. The talks of IPL were on at that time. “SRK is going to buy a team in IPL,” was the news soon after SRK was spotted cheering the team in South Africa. India’s victory in the first ever world t20 in 2007 hurried the process of launching IPL. Apart from India’s victory in first-ever world t20, there was one more reason that IPL was launched. And that reason was private rebel cricket league ICL or Indian cricket league. The talks of t20 league by BCCI started in media when ICL was launched and funded by Zee Entertainment Enterprise. A lot of young domestic players joined ICL. Seeing that, BCCI not only increased prize money in the domestic tournaments but also imposed a lifetime ban on the players joining ICL.

Lalit Modi (mastermind behind the idea of IPL) clarified that it is not a “knee-jerk reaction” to ICL at the launch of IPL. At the launch of IPL, Lalit Modi said that he worked on the idea of IPL for two years. No matter what Lalit Modi said, the format of IPL cleared everything. The format of IPL is very similar to English Premier League (EPL) and NBA. So whether it was a “knee-jerk reaction” to ICL or a product of two years of hard work on an (mind-blowing) idea of stealing the format of top sports leagues in the world, IPL was launched in 2007. Everything was ignored as India won the world t20 in 2007. India’s victory in world t20 made fans eager for the Indian Premier League.

In 2008, when franchisees were declared with their owners, it attracted the whole world. Top industrialists and movie stars bought eight teams. Though it was copied format, it was new for the cricket fans in India and it had a lot of attractions.

Attractions of IPL

1. The marriage of cricket and Bollywood

2. The mixture of foreign and Indian players

3. Format

1. The marriage of cricket and Bollywood

There has been a strong connection between cricket and Bollywood. Actresses are getting married to cricketers since the time of Tiger Pataudi. IPL is not about actresses marrying the cricketers. IPL is the marriage of two industries. This relationship started when Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta bought the two franchises in IPL. In 2008, Shahrukh Khan along with Juhi Chawla bought the team Kolkata and named it Kolkata Knight Riders. While Preity Zinta bought the team Punjab and named it Kings XI Punjab. It was the start of the relationship. The relationship flourished when these two movie stars were seen cheering their players from the stands.

Shahrukh and Preity attracted more stars on the field. Soon all the big movie stars were seen on the field cheering one or the other team. Akshay Kumar was seen supporting Delhi Daredevils. Katrina Kaif was seen supporting Royal Challengers Bangalore. Later Shilpa Shetty joined Rajasthan Royals franchise. And Bachchans showed their support for Mumbai Indians. Not only Hindi movie stars, superstars of South Indian movie industry are also seen in the stadiums cheering for their favourite teams. Indian fans gave big thumbs up to this relationship. After all, IPL is bringing the stars of two most favourite sources of entertainment in the country together. Who won’t be happy?

2. The mixture of foreign and Indian players

Every season of IPL brings excitement among the fans as they get the chance to see their favourite players playing together. In the very first game of IPL, fans saw the opening pair of Sourav Ganguly and Brendon McCullum. Who thought they will open the innings for the same team? This is not the only pair, pair of Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting, Sachin Tendulkar and Sanath Jayasurya, Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle, David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli and AB DeVilliers. Since 2008, fans have witnessed a lot of such pairs in batting as well as bowling which they wanted to see in one team. Only IPL has brought these players together for them.

Only four foreign players are allowed in the playing eleven but these four players mix well with Indian players and create a great combination. It is always soothing to see a South African cricketer giving advice to Indian bowler or an Australian batsman calming the nerves of young Indian batsman. When a West Indian player dances with Indian player on the field, it always brings a smile on the face. And when the players of different countries celebrate the victory together, it gives joy to the fans. These moments not only attract the fans but also set IPL apart from other leagues.

3. Format

IPL has adopted the twenty20 format. It is the most exciting format of the game. No one imagined even in their dreams that underdogs Rajasthan Royals will lift the cup in 2008. And the strongest team on paper Deccan Chargers will finish last in the tournament. When IPL started in 2008, the beauty of this format of cricket was its unpredictability. It is still unpredictable but players have started playing according to the situation. This format is so unpredictable that the game turn on its head in just one ball. The second feature of this format is that the match gets over in just three hours. Fans don’t have to sit in front of T.V. whole day or they don’t have to wait for five days to know the result. This format of the game is very short.

The third feature of this format is that it is entertaining. Fans love to see the big shots and twenty20 format is all about big shots. In this format, batsmen get to the half-century in just 12 balls and a century in 40 to 50 deliveries. This format has changed the approach of players in other two format as well. In short, this format is one of the main attractions of IPL. This format of the game is fast, entertaining and full of excitement. And when you add the above-mentioned attractions in this format, you get the end result as IPL.

Today, almost every cricket playing nation is having its own league inspired by IPL and almost every player wants to be part of IPL. Since 2008, IPL is attracting fans and players both. No matter the format is copied from other sports leagues, it’s success has attracted the whole world. IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world. The popularity of IPL is such that ICC (International Cricket Council) has given a special window to the league.

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