I love tags in front of my name. Blogger, author, accountant, surveyor, marketer, social media influencer, cricketer, designer and now youtuber as well. Out of all these tags, there is one tag which I have got by chance. All other tags in front of my name are because of my knowledge (in the subject), skill and passion except the tag of a designer. I have got the tag of a designer by chance.

The beginning of a journey

I was introduced to designing when I got the opportunity to write for freecultr. Due to heavy losses freecultr has shut down its services. With freecultr, I liked the concept of designing and selling tees online. Freecultr’s quality of cloth and printing was awesome. I was disappointed when I came to know that it shut down its service. My designs on freecultr gave me the opportunity (I was approached by mail) to design on another website. On that website, I started designing mobile cases, laptop covers, laptop skins, wall arts, mugs etc. I was not earning much by designing such stuff but it gave me satisfaction.

Importance of the tags

In the process of getting the tags in front of my name, I realised that simply adding a tag of author or accountant doesn’t make me an author or an accountant. I have to earn the tag through my hard work, skill and professionalism. Similarly, when I started designing, I knew that I won’t be called a designer until I start designing the clothing line.

Journey after freecultr

After freecultr, I was happy to design that accessories stuff on the other website. I don’t want to mention the name of that website because I recently ended my terms with that website. And I don’t want to give air to that website because that website adopted very unprofessional way to end it. By the time I ended my terms with that website, I had found colorpur where my designs were getting some attention. Apart from colorpur, I had found two more websites where I uploaded my designs but got no response.

Designing stuff on these websites helped me in designing the logo of my own website. My quest for being a real designer ended recently when I found redesyn. Redesyn allowed me to design the complete clothing line. And in just one month, I have started getting my reward. Seeing the response, I think I can call myself a designer now. Soon, I will redesign the logo of my website as I have got an idea and have started working on it.

I know I am not a professional designer but I have the sense of colours and trends. I know what I prefer to wear on regular basis and I can discover the taste of people. So I think I can design the stuff which people love to wear on daily basis.

Considering my interests and situation, I realised that I can’t be master of one trade (at the moment). Thus, I preferred to be the jack of all. People tell me to focus on one thing or one field. They ask me what I get by designing? My answer to them is satisfaction.


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