As controversy and IPL are connected to each other, similarly IPL and excitement are also connected to each other. Excitement is the synonym for IPL. IPL can bring even a dead body on its feet. Every season of IPL brings tonnes of excitement. Fans get excited about new combinations, actors cheering for their teams, fours and sixes, tight finishes, game-changing moments, stunning catches and even new kits. There is a build-up to every season of IPL. It starts with the auction. Auction brings excitement to the table. Which players are getting big money? Which player is going unsold? Who is breaking the purse? And what are replacements and changes in a franchise? All these things build up to the excitement before the action.

After the auction, the announcement of a captain, launch of new colourful kits, ad campaigns and the theme song takes the excitement to the next level. Over the period of time, each and every franchise has created a fan base. And that fan base supports the franchise through packed stadiums, buying merchandise, on social media and cheering for them throughout the season.

Theme song and ad campaigns

Before every season, the channel broadcasting the IPL comes up with the theme song and innovative ad campaign. A lot of work is done on them before every season of IPL. Every year, the channel has to come up with an artistically innovative idea for the theme song and the advertisement campaign. They work as starters in the meal. IPL is the entertaining meal and the theme song and the ad campaign do the role of starters. Starters make one hungry for the meal. Here, theme song and ad campaign make fans hungry and excited about the IPL. Thus, a lot of innovation and artistic work is required in it.

Excitement shifts to cricket

The auction, launch of kits, announcements of the captains and players, theme song and ad campaigns excite the fans before the start of the tournament. Once the tournament has started then it’s all about cricket. After the starters, fans enjoy the meal with that excitement created by the starters. The game, the format, the players, the thrilling finishes, the stars cheering for their teams on the field help fans to enjoy the meal with all the excitement. IPL is all about cricket in the end. If the game which is being played will not excite the fans then it is difficult to survive for that league. In other words, after enjoying the starters if the meal is not good then it spoils the mood.

Thrilling finishes

IPL has adopted the t20 format of the game. And that format always keeps the fans on their feet. The result of the match changes in the moments. The team which is winning comes on the verge of losing the match within minutes. And since 2008, IPL has delivered a lot of such matches to the fans. Thrilling finishes pull the crowd back to the league. In 2008, when Yuvraj Singh did Jonty Rhodes to deny Mumbai Indians a victory, It shows how the game changes within the seconds. And this is the thing which brings excitement to the league. Fans also like when their favourite Indian and international players pull out the victory from such crunch situations. Thrilling finish is like the perfect dessert in the meal.

Quickfire innings

IPL started with a bang. Brendon McCullum’s innings of 158 runs in the inaugural match of IPL was the perfect start for the league. Such innings set the path for the tournament. Quickfire fifties and hundreds keep the fans glued to the tournament. Quickfire innings makes the meal so tasteful that it satisfies the taste buds with the first bite. If a player scores a fifty or a hundred in a t20 game it is an achievement in itself. And when that fifty or hundred comes in real quick time then it excites fans. A seventeen ball fifty or a forty-five ball hundred will include a lot of boundaries and boundaries excites everybody who is watching the game. When the bat goes up without breaking the sweat, it is a treat to watch.

Stunning catches

Since 2008, the standards of fielding has evolved. Players have started saving sixes to motivate the bowlers in this batsman’s format. With the evolution of standards of fielding, the game looks better. A run saved is a run scored. To save even a single run, a fielder puts a lot of effort. A player spends hours on his fitness to put the efforts on the field. A fielder takes a catch on the boundary, throws the ball in the air, goes behind the boundary line to get the balance and comes back in to complete that catch. Fans get excited when they see such effort, athleticism and presence of mind on the field.

Superb spells

People love to see the contest between bat and ball. If fours and sixes excite people then people also love to see the middle stump uprooted. Fast and fiery spell troubling the batsmen is something fans always enjoy. Cricket would be boring if there are only run fests. It is exciting because bowlers are troubling the batsmen. And IPL is that tournament in which even part-timers have taken the hat tricks. Best bowling figures are produced by proper bowlers but players like Yuvraj Singh has taken two hat tricks in the tournament. Even Rohit Sharma has also taken the hat trick. And when these players take hat trick, the excitement of the fans reaches the next level. Superb spell by the bowlers is like the perfect blend of spice in the food.

Points table

When Rajasthan Royals won the IPL in 2008. No one expected them to be even in the top four. When the unexpected happens it creates excitement. In 2010, Chennai Super Kings were at the bottom of the table in the middle of the tournament. They had won only two matches out of seven matches. From that situation, Chennai Super Kings went on to win the tournament. And who will forget that Mumbai Indians match in 2014? In which MI chased 190 runs in just 14.5 overs to get the better net run rate for qualifying into the playoffs. The business end of the tournament brings a lot of excitement as fans witness drastic changes in the points table. The points table is like the favourite dish in the meal. It arrives late but gives utmost satisfaction.

IPL is that kind of an (exciting) meal which starts with most delicious starters and ends with perfect dessert. IPL is most watched cricket tournament around the world for many reasons. And excitement is one of them.

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