A plugin is a kind of software which contains a group of functions that can be added to a website. If you are a blogger and have a blog on WordPress then you should be having this idea about the plugin. There are thousands of plugins on WordPress. And that number of plugins create a lot of confusion in one’s mind. It gets difficult to figure out which plugins are really useful and which plugins are slowing down the website. So here is the solution to that confusion. I have found the plugins which are essential and you must have them installed on your WordPress blog.

1. Wordfence

Wordfence is a security plugin. It saves your blog from cyber attacks. The moment your blog gets some popularity, it becomes very likely that your blog faces some cyber attacks by hackers. There are a lot of bloggers whose blog is hacked or attacked every day. In this situation, wordfence comes into the picture. Wordfence protects your blog from cyber attacks and it provides the necessary security to your blog. It also stops the other plugins from having complete access to your blog. Wordfence prompts you and asks you when some plugin tries to get access which is not safe enough for your blog.

2. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization is very important for your blog. Search engines can provide you a huge amount of traffic to your blog. Thus, an SEO plugin is a must for your blog. And when it comes to SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is highly preferred by the users. Yoast SEO rates your blog post on the basis of quality. It also compares your content and keywords you use in the context of your headings and pictures in your post. Yoast SEO plugin helps you gain traffic and take your blog to the next level. Thus, it is a must for your blog.

3. Shareaholic

After search engine, the best source of traffic is social media. Sharing the link of your blog post on social media helps you in getting more traffic on your blog. First, you share the link then ask your friends, dear ones and blogging community to do it. Shareaholic will help you track the number of shares of your blog post. It allows you to embed your Twitter handle in its share button. It helps you in tracking the real readers and you can express your gratitude to them via notification you get when they share your post on social media. In this way, you can keep that reader glued to your blog and shareaholic helps you in doing that.

4. Cloudflare

Photos, videos and other plugins create the cache on your blog and due to that, your blog takes the longest time to load completely. When your blog takes more than five seconds to load completely, the reader gets irritated and might drop the idea of reading the post. Cloudflare clears that cache and helps your blog to complete the loading within five seconds. Cloudflare removes the unnecessary load that’s why it is must for your blog.

5. Insert header and footer

If you know coding then you might not need this plugin but if you are not a coder then this is an essential plugin for your blog. For Google Analytics, Adsense and other blogging campaigns, you need this plugin. It inserts the code by themselves. Insert headers and footers will ask you some steps to put the code on your blog. Once you do that then you don’t need to be a pro coder to run your blog smoothly. It basically needed to generate the reports for your clients and it ultimately helps in getting more clients.

According to me, the plugins mentioned above are must for your blog. It takes your blog to the next level and helps you grow faster as a blogger.

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    1. Here is one tip for you as well. Change your background colour to white and play with other colours in foreground.

      As far as wix is concerned, I have no idea about it. I didn’t even knew about it until you mentioned it. 😊

  1. Wonderful sharing Paresh!
    You can also add one more useful WP plugin called Avartan Slider Lite in your list. Thsi is a free and responsive plugin that you can use to create stunning video slider and image slider in your website. It comes with many features like drag and drop slider building, animated elements, background video support, etc. are really fabulous. For more info visit: http://pluginsforwordpresswebsite.blogspot.in/2016/07/avartan-slider-responsive-wordpress.html

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