Heat is rising every year. Every year new records are set as far as rise in temperature is concerned. Who is responsible for global warming? We (human beings) are responsible for the global warming. We have created an imbalance in the atmosphere. The imbalance has been created by cutting the trees in abundance. We have reached to a situation where there is a shortage of fully grown trees in most parts of the country. With the rise in the use of air conditioners and cars, we need fully grown trees for more and more oxygen. Today, a car is consuming more oxygen than a human being. We have created the imbalance in the four seasons by cutting the trees. We are often experiencing unseasonal rains which are harming human health and the crop of farmers. So, we should do certain things to correct this. Things which should be done are as follows:

Save and optimise water

First, there is a shortage of pure drinking. Yes, the ice on the Himalayas, arctic ocean and Antarctica is melting but it is not providing the pure drinking water. In countries like Africa, the government has implemented day zero. It is a day when the government doesn’t supply even a drop of water to homes and businesses. In India also the government of Karnataka has disclosed alarming stats. It is time to slap and wake ourselves up for the water we waste. Summer is here and consumption of water has increased. So first and foremost thing to do this summer is to save and optimise the usage of water.

Act towards global warming

The imbalance which we have created in the atmosphere, only we can remove that imbalance. To get that balance back, plant more trees. Builders are cutting trees to build buildings. You should plant trees in that building. If there is a space in your surrounding or society then cover up that space by growing plants. If there is no such space then grow plants on your terrace or balcony. Trees are the best source of oxygen and they consume heat as well. So to reduce the effect of global warming, we need more and more trees.

Keep yourself hydrated

In the scorching heat, you should take proper precautions and enough liquid to keep yourself hydrated. If you are working when the temperature is 45 degrees Celsius, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated otherwise you may get sunstroke or dehydration stroke during the summer. To keep yourself hydrated, load yourself with juices, glucose and buttermilk. In summer, the liquid should be consumed more than food. Juices and buttermilk should be in your routine.

Show some humanity

Most of the people avoid going out in the noontime during the summer but marketing people, delivery boys, postmen, traffic police etc. can’t avoid going out in the noontime. It is our job to make summer easy for them. Show some humanity when they visit your house or even on the roads. Offer them a glass of water or a glass of buttermilk or a glass of lime water in the scorching heat. The small act of humanity will do two things. One, your respect in the eyes of those people will increase. Two, you will receive the blessings for your kindness.

Show some kindness towards birds and animals

As we are feeling the heat, similarly birds and animals are feeling the heat as well. Heat waves and rise in temperature affects birds and animals adversely. In summer, there are black marks on dog’s skin and they are often seen resting under the shelter. Birds too search for water during the summer. So it is better to fill some vessel with water for birds and animals. It is the least you can do for the birds and animals. Remember, birds and animals are also part of this world and provide the balance.

These are the basic things one should do during the summer.

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  1. I loved the fact that you have not only talked about personal care but also collectively about the society. I feel in tropical countries like India, summers drain both body n mind. So if as a society we help each other, the difficulty can be shared. It’s also so nice to keep water for the birds. Nice n soothing post.

    #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

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