IPL is not organised on one day’s planning. Each and every group (body), organisation or person involved in it has to do homework to make it successful. The preparation starts well before the tournament. Think tanks plan to make every season bigger and better. From the BCCI to franchises, everyone does their homework before the start of every season of IPL. Not only BCCI and franchises, even players, broadcasters, groundsmen, sponsors, all do their homework before the start of every season. Let’s analyze one by one what kind of homework, BCCI, sponsors, franchises, groundsmen, broadcaster and players have to do before or during every IPL season.


BCCI has to do maximum homework before every season of IPL. Setting rules, organising auction and opening ceremony, deciding awards, finalising grounds, making the schedule, managing the security, getting the sponsors and what not! BCCI has to check that all the things are going as per the plan. BCCI has to keep up with the technology being used in the game. During the tournament, it has to keep an eye on the proceedings. There is a pressure of franchises and sponsors as they look for profit. BCCI has to satisfy them as well. There is a pressure making every season bigger and better and to do that, BCCI has to keep finding something new and unique every season.


Franchises’ homework begins just before the auction. They analyse their squad and decide which players they want in their team to fill the weak areas exposed in the previous season. They make the lists of players they want in their team and sit in the auction to buy them. After that, they do the homework on their support staff. They decide whether they need a new support staff or they just want to make some changes in it. After deciding the support staff, the decisions of sponsors and captain is taken. Franchises again do analysis before taking the decision on sponsors as well as the captain.

After the announcement of captain, work on kits begin. The colour, the design, placing the sponsors and the initiatives all need to be on the outfits. Franchises focus a lot on the kits and outfits of the players. They also do homework on the facilities, organising the shoot for sponsors and organising the camps before the tournament.


Players work on their fitness first. It has become an important tournament for each and every player. So players make sure that they are fit throughout the tournament. After fitness, players work on their weaknesses. In the training camps before the tournament, players work on their weaknesses and try to remove them by doing constant practice. During the tournament, players sit with the coaches analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams. Players watch the videos to crack the mystery of a bowler or the areas in which a batsman is weak. During the tournament, when a team wants to make the comeback, players sit and analyse the areas in which they are lacking or have done the mistakes.


Broadcaster’s homework is as intense as of BCCI. It starts with making the list of presenters on the basis of feedback and availability. Then broadcasting the auction. After the auction, homework is done on theme song and ad campaigns. Every year, they have to come up with a new, witty and creative theme for the song and advertisement campaign. Then they have to work on the pre, mid and post-show. How should the studio look? The colours, the theme, the art, the graphics and the tools to be used in the show. Broadcasters try their best to make the pre, mid and post-show an eye candy for the viewers. Lastly, they do the work on the improvement of the broadcast. They make sure that they use the best graphics to display the score and the best cameras to show every angle to viewers.


Groundsmen do the homework on the quality of the ground. Curators work on the pitch, groundsmen work on the outfield, decorations, pavilions, stands and dugout. IPL is organised during the summer and due to that, availability of water becomes an issue. Cutting and maintenance of the grass to make the outfield lightening fast depend on the availability of water. Homework is done on paints and artwork to decorate the stadiums. Required repairs are done to make the stadiums match ready. Lights are checked before the start of the tournament. Moreover, the analysis on the placements of banners and LEDs is also done to make sure that it doesn’t become a hindrance. In short, a lot of homework is done related to the ground to deliver the best viewing experience.


Sponsors, first do the homework on the selection of franchises. They analyse certain factors before approaching a franchise for the sponsorship. How many matches are they going to get? How many day matches? How many night matches? Where can they display their name? Everything is analysed before providing the sponsorship. Homework on advertisement campaign is also done. A lot of companies comes up with special advertisement campaigns during the IPL. Sponsors work on the theme of their advertisement campaign. They pick players they want to feature in their ad campaign. And lastly, the promotion of the product or service. Sponsors work on the timing of the advertisement. Every sponsor tries to schedule its advertisement during the prime time when the viewership is at the peak.

The success of the every IPL season depends on the coordination of above-mentioned bodies, organisations and players. The success of the season also depends on the quality of the homework done by the above mention bodies, organisations and players.

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