Since 2008, IPL has been a sensation around the world. From the first season itself, it has left the impact. No matter the league has been surrounded by the controversies, it has broken the records almost every year. In fact, there has been the case and news of spot-fixing but this tournament has touched new heights every year. Whether fixed or not, it is providing entertainment to the people and people love IPL for that (entertainment). They give full marks to IPL on the entertainment factor. Moreover, IPL has changed the lives of many, not in one way but in various different ways. Let’s analyse how IPL has changed the things one by one.


IPL has left the tremendous impact on ICC. ICC has not only given green signal to IPL but also has given the special window to the league. Along with the world, ICC was also stunned with success of the league. ICC was left with no other option than giving the window to the league. The main reason for that was players started choosing IPL over the country because of the money factor. Players even started retiring to play in IPL. The cricket boards of other countries even appealed against it. They asked ICC to ban the league but the impact of the league was such that ICC banning the league was never an option. Giving green signal and special window to the league was the only feasible option for ICC considering the impact it has left on the world of cricket. IPL has more viewership than any ICC event. IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world. So, not supporting the tournament which is promoting the game would have been a huge loss for the game itself.


IPL has left the lasting effect on the game as well. It has improved the relations between the players. As a result, the game is played in the spirit. IPL has raised the standards. Players have started working hard on their fitness. They are giving more than hundred percent on the field. These days, any score is gettable. We witnessed that in 2015 world cup. In that tournament, 400 was the new 300. Every strong team was getting to that total easily. Where the standards in batting and fielding have been raised, life has become difficult for the bowlers. There is no margin for errors for bowlers. One thing is common in all the departments and that thing is improvisation. The IPL has brought improvisation in all the departments of the game. Batsmen have tried and discovered new shots in IPL. Fielders have discovered new methods to stop the ball and take difficult catches. And bowlers have started mixing up. They are deceiving the batsmen with slower bouncers, knuckle balls and rolling the fingers over the ball.

Other countries

IPL has created the dispute between cricket boards and players. Players have chosen IPL over the country. Because of IPL, key players of other countries have taken retirement from the test matches. Cricket boards have shown reluctance in sending their players for IPL but with the passage of time, they were left with no other option as their players were struggling on the Indian conditions otherwise. The advent of IPL is such that today, almost every (test) cricket playing nation has launched its own league inspired by IPL. Most of the countries have chosen the same format of playing four foreign players. While a couple of countries are happy with playing only two. A couple of IPL franchises has expanded their horizons. They have bought the team in the t20 leagues of West Indies and South Africa. So IPL is helping other countries in making money through a t20 league.

Other sports around the world

As mentioned above, IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world. It is also one of the most viewed leagues in the world. In 2014, it was sixth most attended sports league in the world on the basis of average attendance. In 2016, it crossed television viewing figures of 100 million. IPL became the first sporting event in the world to be broadcast live online in 2010. The main reason behind that was viewers didn’t have access to television (everywhere they go) to watch the exciting cricket live. Thus with online broadcasting, fans started enjoying the exciting cricket on the mobile phones. It was a trend set by IPL and was followed by other sporting leagues. IPL has become third most expensive sports property in the world after NBA and EPL.

Other sports in India

The success of IPL led to the promotion of other sports in the country. Seeing the success of IPL, sports ministry started giving green signals to the launch of similar leagues in other sports as well. Kabaddi, Badminton, Football, Hockey, Wrestling and Tennis are the sports in which the leagues similar to IPL are launched. Due to that, players playing other sports has got the recognition in the country. Earlier, it was cricket, cricket and only cricket in our country but nowadays, people follow Pro Kabaddi league, Indian Super League, Hockey India League and Premier Badminton League. All of these leagues including International Premier Tennis League were modeled after the IPL.

People of this country

IPL is a complete entertainment package. It provides entertainment to the people of this country. It makes people nervous, angry, sad and happy. IPL works as the stress buster for the fans for two months. Apart from entertainment, IPL ecosystem has given jobs to approximately forty thousand people each season. It gives a job to many jobless people in the country. So it not only entertains the people but it also contributes heavily to the GDP of our country. The contribution of IPL in India’s GDP is 0.6%. IPL bring money in many homes of India. IPL satisfies the basic needs of a lot of families. And it is one of the biggest factors behind the success of the league.


IPL change the life of players overnight. No players want to miss the tournament due to any reason. Some unknown players become rich overnight and some quality players go unsold. Some players make their way into the national and some get dropped due to their poor form in the league. International careers of a lot of players have started because of IPL. Not only India, IPL help other countries as well to find the quality players for their national team. Players have started earning more than enough because of IPL. Skills of domestic players are developed under world class coaches during the IPL. As a result, check India’s bench strength. No other country has such a strong bench strength as India have.

IPL has become more than just a league. It is a source of entertainment, it is a source of getting basic needs, it is a source of finding the talent and it is a source of changing the lives of players. Over the decade, IPL has created such an impact that everyone wants to be part of it.

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