Normally, people start writing the personal diary or a journal in their college life or when they start their professional journey. Here imagine, IPL is a person and assume that a man named IPL is beginning his professional journey in 2008. And with the start of his professional life, he has started writing his daily experiences in a diary. What will be included in that diary or a journal? The obvious thing is, it would have begun in 2008. In 2008, he would have picked up a book and would have written IPL in the most artistic manner he can and it would have begun like this:

The beginning of a journal

I sold the teams of eight cities to eight companies. On paper, team Hyderabad of the Deccan franchise is looking strongest. While the team of Rajasthan looking weakest on the paper. So, team Hyderabad will win and I will get a lot of money.

After Rajasthan Royals won the first season of IPL.

End of the first year

The unexpected has happened and the underdogs Rajasthan Royals won the tournament. I earn the money anyways. With this, I end the first year of my professional life.

IPL season two in South Africa

Second year

I am beginning the second year of my career with my first official trip to South Africa. I am going to South Africa with all the players and franchises and organising the league in the rainbow nation.


A young player named Manish Pandey became the first Indian player to score a hundred in the league.

End of the second year

Bottom two teams of the last year. Bangalore and Hyderabad made into the final. And finally, the strongest team on the paper won. I am ending the second year of my career in South Africa. All the players and franchises are flying back to India, I will begin the third year of my career in India.

IPL season three in India

Third year

I am getting famous with every passing year. I am beginning the third year of my career in India and I am welcomed back with ‘Laut Aaya’ theme song.


Seeing the popularity, I allowed the viewers to watch the league on youtube. My professional life was shown in 3D in theatres across India.

End of the third year

The team from Chennai named Chennai Super Kings won the tournament. It was lead by the man who gave India first t20 world cup. The final of Chennai was against the team of God. In the final, the God of cricket proved that why he is called God of cricket but unfortunately his team lost the match and won the cup. On this note, I am ending the third year of my career.

Fourth Season of IPL

Fourth year

This year I added two more teams in my tournament. I sold teams of Pune and Kerala to two new franchises. I expect to earn more money with the introduction of the new teams.


As there are ten teams this year, I introduced the new format of playoffs in place of semi-finals.

End of the fourth year

Chennai Super Kings defended the title and retained the trophy. This time the challengers were royal in the final. Super Kings accepted the royal challenge and shown that Chennai’s Super Kings are way better than the Royal Challengers of Bangalore.

Fifth and Sixth season of IPL

Fifth and Sixth year

I have become rich and famous, there is no doubt about that but this fame and richness have brought controversies in my life. I would like to get rid of them and make my life stable.


Players have started fixing the match and they trying their best to disrepute me. I am paying a huge amount of money to them but they are still contacting bookies for more money. Moreover, franchises are not even giving the bank guarantee.

End of fifth and sixth year

Fifth year

This year the team from Kolkata won the tournament. The Knights of Kolkata gave the challenge to the defending champions Chennai Super Kings. Knights fought so hard that Super Kings accepted their defeat and crowned them the champions.

Sixth year

This year Indians from Mumbai won the tournament. They met the Super Kings of Chennai in the final and were able to defeat them to get the trophy.

The seventh season of IPL

Seventh year

Finally, I am finding some stability in my professional life. The previous two years were full of controversies. This year I am starting the tournament with eight teams. I hope to earn the same as I earned with the ten teams. Moreover, this year taking players and franchises on second official tour to UAE.


My tournament became the sixth most attended league in the world.

End of the Seventh year

We didn’t play the whole tournament in UAE. We just played the first leg of the tournament there. This year Knights came back fighting. Kings of Punjab who dominated the tournament were waiting for them but Knights fought till their last breath to win the tournament.

Season eight of IPL


I am beginning the eighth year of career with the launch of fan parks. Fan parks will attract more and more people towards the tournament and I will earn more money from them.


The case of corruption is filed against me and due to that each and every team of the tournament is under the scanner.

End of the eighth year

This year again Mumbai Indians met Chennai Super Kings in the final. Again, Mumbai Indians turned out to be a better side at the end of the day. Mumbai Indians won the tournament second time.

The ninth season of IPL


Unfortunately, I am suspending two teams from the tournament to clean the corruption. The team of Chennai and the team of Rajasthan won’t feature in the tournament.


I am replacing the team of Chennai and the team of Rajasthan with the team of Pune and the team of Gujarat.

End of the ninth year

This year the team of Hyderabad rose like the rising sun and went on to win the tournament. They faced the royal challenge but no one can stop the sun from rising.

The tenth season of IPL

Tenth year

I am beginning the tenth year of my career and seeing my success, people of other countries have started copying my business model and have launched the tournaments in their respective countries.


I am offering the job to forty thousand people every year.

End of the tenth year

This year supergiants of Pune met Mumbai Indians in the final. In the close contest, Mumbai Indians won the tournament by beating supergiants by one run. With this, I complete a decade in my professional life.

After working for ten years, my tournament has become third most expensive sports property in the world. I contribute 0.6% in my country’s GDP.

I have been through ups and downs on this journey but I have made records of success in the period of ten years. Hopefully, I will grow more in my career ahead.

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