(As mentioned earlier) Franchises work a lot on the kits. They make sure everything player uses is in the colours of the franchise. The design of the kits increases the glamour quotient in the league. And when the owners don those designs, they make it a fashion statement. Franchises design three types of jerseys for players in the kit. One for the match, one for the practice and one for travelling. Throughout the tournament, players stay in the colours of the franchise, even while travelling. When it comes to track pants, it seems like every franchise design two types of track pants in the kit. One for the match and one for the practice. Apart from that, franchises provide a pair of shorts and shoes to the players in the kit.

Over the period of time, franchises have changed colours and design of their kit. Some franchises felt that certain colours are not lucky for them. While some franchises got better colours and designs with the passage of time. Let’s take a look at the designs and colours of the kits of all the franchises one by one.

Mumbai Indians

In 2008, the colours of Mumbai Indians were sky blue and dark blue. Adidas used those colour in form of stripes. There were three stripes on Mumbai Indians jersey in 2008. After a couple of years, the kit of Mumbai Indians was redesigned. From sky blue and dark blue, the franchise went for darkish blue with the touch of silver. On the blue colour, the designer has used silver stripes on either side and has given the cool look to jersey. Franchises play with silver stripes keeping the blue as the primary colour.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings is one of the two franchises who hasn’t change the colours of their kit. Since the inception of IPL, Chennai Super Kings has kept yellow as their primary colour and on that yellow colour, the designer has used blue and orange colours. On the yellow jersey of Chennai Super Kings, there are dark blue stripes on either side and orange colour is used to make the lion on one side and the stripe on the other. The orange stripe comes over the blue stripe. Sponsors of the kit have changed from Reebok and Spartan to Seven.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders began with black and gold in 2008. When the things didn’t go their way for the first couple of seasons, they decided to change the colours of the kit. Thus, from black and gold, they shifted to purple and gold. The primary colour of Kolkata Knight Riders jersey is purple and on that primary colour, there are golden lines and stripes on either side. Franchises have tried quite a few designs with golden colour since 2008. Gold has been constant in Kolkata Knight Riders’ kit since 2008.

Rajasthan Royals

In 2008, Rajasthan Royals started with gold and royal blue. Then they introduced the cream colour in the sleeves. Royal blue was the primary colour and keeping that intact, franchise played with golden colour on the jersey. The concept of cream colour was for couple of years only. The design and colours went on like this till Rajasthan Royals was suspended. They have changed the design and colour coming back after the suspension. From royal blue, they have shifted to lighter shade of blue and has added the hue of red colour. The new design of jersey is cool.

Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab is the second franchise who has changed its colours since the inception of IPL. The colours of Kings XI Punjab kit are red and light grey. They have kept those colours intact in their kit. The primary colour of Kings XI Punjab jersey is red and on that red colour, light grey is used on both the sides. The tracks in the kit are made of light grey colour with the hue of red. Like, Chennai Super Kings, they also use the lion in their design. And that lion is used in form of a shadow on the red colour of the jersey.

Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils started with black and red in 2008. Black was the primary colour on their jersey and on that, they had used the red for a couple of seasons. Then the franchise shifted from black to dark blue. After changing the primary colour, they kept design same for a couple of seasons. Then there was the complete change in design and logo of the franchise. Dark blue became royal blue and along with red, there was the use of yellow and white colour as well in the design of the kit.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

In 2008, the colours of the Royal Challengers Bangalore kit were red and yellow. After couple of seasons, yellow became golden and there was the introduction of blue colour as well. The primary colour was red so all other colours in the kit complemented the red colour. It didn’t stop there. The franchise came out with third combination. The third combination of Royal Challengers Bangalore is Red, Black, Grey and gold. There are two different kits for them. One is home kit in which red is the primary and the other one is the away kit. In away kit, black is the primary colour and other colours complement the black colour.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Hyderabad franchise was owned by Deccan group of companies in 2008. And they started the IPL with cream and black colour kit. As they stood last in the first season, owners thought that the colour of the kit is unlucky. Thus, from second season itself, they changed the colour of the kit to indigo. And that move won them the trophy. Then the owners of the franchises changed and with the change of owners, colours of kit also changed. Surisers Hyderabad started with Dark grey and orange kit. And that dark grey and orange kit became orange and black kit in a couple of years.

Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Kochi Tuskers Kerala played only one season of IPL and in that only season, orange and purple were the colours on their kit. In the Kochi Tuskers jersey, orange was the primary colour and purple was used only on the sleeves. In IPL, the orange cap is given to the highest run scorer and the purple cap is given to the highest wicket-taker. Kochi Tuskers Kerala had both the colours in their kit.

Pune Warriors India & Rising Pune Supergiant

Pune franchise was also owned by two different companies and this franchise has played only four seasons of IPL. Sahara group was the first owner of Pune franchise and they started the franchise with black and grey colour kit. After losing badly in their first appearance, they changed the black colour with light blue. Even light blue and grey kit didn’t help them win the trophy. The second owner of Pune franchise was Goenka group of companies. And they made purple, pink and yellow colour kit during their tenure of two years.

Gujarat Lions

Gujarat Lions played two seasons of IPL and in both the seasons, they played in the kit with same design and colour combination. There were no changes in the orange and blue colour combination on their kit. Orange being the primary colour combined well with blue on the jerseys. While on the track pants, it was vice versa. Blue was the primary colour on the track pants and orange combined well in the design of the tracks. The overall look of the kit looked good.

Fans are not only attached to teams, fans are also attached to the colours of their kits. Merchandise is being sold and fans buy and don the colours of their favourite team.

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