People often say that they don’t believe in luck but it plays a huge role in one’s life. It goes with the players as well. They say that they believe in hard work rather than luck. In IPL as well, luck plays a huge part in swinging the matches.

Fortune favours the brave.

It is the saying which is often heard in the cricket match. It is normally used when a batsman goes for the big drive and edges the delivery and gets the boundary. When the luck is in batsman’s favour then fielders drop easy catches and he goes on to score hundred. When the luck is not on the batsman’s side then his best shots stick in fielders hands or batsman simply play it on the stumps. It goes with the bowlers as well. When the luck is not in bowler’s favour then even the best bowl bowled by him goes for a six. When luck favours the bowler then even the worst delivery gives them a wicket. Same goes for the fielders as well. Sometimes the ball just sticks in their hands and it turns out to be a great catch. While sometimes even the best fielders drop sitters.

In IPL, the whole series of such events have occurred. Luck has turned the matches in IPL. Some players have gained glory with the slice of luck. While many players have found it very harsh when luck does not go their way. Players become helpless when luck doesn’t favour them on a given day or in a particular match. And when luck favours them then they are more than happy.

Good luck moments

In 2009, in a DD vs DC match, Deccan Chargers were cruising. They needed 19 runs from 9 balls. Nehra bowled a short ball to RP Singh and RP Singh tapped and ran. Nehra continued his follow up, picked up the ball, turned and thrown. The ball hit the stumps and RP Singh was on his way to pavilion. It was unexpected of Nehra. So there was a slice of luck for Nehra and DD.

In 2010, DD had scored 166 from 19.1 overs. Collingwood was on strike and hit the low full-toss really hard towards the deep long on, David Hussey (playing for KKR) was waiting there, he was not able to hold on it. He juggled, the ball was going for a six but he went inside the boundary line and thrown the ball back in the field with his feet in the air. He came back and completed the catch. It was one of the first such catches in the IPL. Here the luck favoured the fielder’s presence of mind that the ball stayed in the air all the time.

In 2017, KKR was struggling against Gujarat Lions. They had lost three quick wickets and Raina being the captain introduced Dwayne Smith. Dwayne Smith bowled a quicker one and Surya Kumar Yadav was surprised by it and edged the quicker bouncer. The ball was travelling. Raina was standing in first slip. He jumped to take the catch but the ball was high. Thus he went with the one hand. The timing of the jump was perfect and the ball stuck in his fingers. Raina is an outstanding fielder but that catch just stuck in his hand and sunk KKR further.

Hard luck moments

In 2014, one of the best matches of IPL was played at Wankhede stadium. It was a match between RR and MI on a beautiful batting track. It was a do or die match for both the teams. RR scored 189 runs from their 20 overs. To qualify, MI had to score 190 runs from 14.3 overs. Corey Anderson and Rayudu helped MI to reach 189 from 14.3 overs. Unfortunately, Rayudu got out on 3rd ball of 15th over. As per the net run rate if the fourth ball goes for a 4 or a 6 then MI qualify for the playoffs. If not then they are out of the tournament and RR qualify for the playoffs. Aditya Tare walked out in this crunch situation and connect the next delivery and the ball went for a 6. Rahul Dravid throws his cap on the ground and that says all. It was hard luck for RR that Aditya Tare connected very first delivery for a six.

In 2017, a teenager named Rishab Pant brought Feroz Shah Kotla on its feet. Delhi Daredevils were playing against Gujarat Lions. Gujarat Lions, batting first, scored more than two hundred runs in their twenty overs. Delhi boy came at the crease when DD lost their first wicket on 24. He cleared his intents by hitting the second ball for six. Then he targeted Delhi teammate Pradeep Sangwan. Pant hit him for three sixes in one over. He got to his fifty in just twenty-seven balls. After his fifty, it was James Faulkner’s turn. Pant smashed Faulkner all over the ground and scored 23 runs in his over. He was middling the ball really well and quickly he reached into the nineties. He was connecting really well till he reached on his personal score of ninety-seven. At ninety-seven, he edged into the hands of the wicket-keeper. Pant was in shock and he didn’t believe his luck. He was not willing to go back to the pavilion without getting hundred. It was the best example of how luck can turn in moments.

Unlucky moments with umpire

Umpiring has been disastrous during the IPL. Specially Indian umpiring. Umpires have been caught sleeping because the same batsman has taken the strike after hitting the boundary in the previous over. Umpires have given wides which were not, they haven’t given wides which were actually wides. Same goes with the no balls. Some no-balls are not even noticed. While some are given which are not no-balls. Umpires often check for the no-ball after batsman has got out. So imagine, how many no ball would be going unnoticed. Apart from wides and no balls, there are the decisions which matter and prove to be a turning point in any given match.

LBW decisions often go wrong. Sometimes when the batsman is hit in front and the ball hitting the wickets but is given not out. While sometimes the ball is missing the leg stump, pitched outside leg, the batsman edges the ball before it hit his pads then also umpire gives him out. Sometimes clean edges are given not out. While sometimes batsman completely misses the ball but umpire raises the finger. In such situations, all we can say about the batsman or the bowler is, he is unlucky. Decision Review System is the best solution fight that luck problem with umpires. Till the tenth season of IPL, there was no Decision Review System. So umpires made a lot of blunders but from the eleventh edition, DRS will be there. So hopefully the dependence of the luck on umpires will be nullified.

Luck has played a huge role in IPL. There is nothing surprising in that. In a way, all the players are trying their luck on the field. So luck is going to be one of the factors till the game is played.

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