When you plant seeds, they need to be nurtured for the fruits. Same goes for the children, the skills of a child should be nurtured properly to make him or her a successful professional. IPL is not all about money. It is a league where the skills of players are nurtured. When domestic players get into the IPL, they are the raw talent who need the guidance and training to become great players. And after playing IPL, the players gain maturity and consistency. What is that thing in IPL which turns a raw, talented and inconsistent player into a mature and consistent player? What is that thing in IPL which completely change the mindset of a player?

Camp before the tournament

Before the start of every season of IPL, each and every franchise organise the training camp. In that training camp, coaches work with the domestic players and Indian players who are out of the side. In that training camp, domestic players gel up with the Indian players and coaches. Domestic players easily get along with players who have played for India and Indian players help them in overcoming their weaknesses with their experience. Most of the foreign players arrive two or three days before the tournament due to the international schedule and their family commitments. Foreign coaches bring their flavour and their unique way of coaching with themselves and during that training camp, they team up with the Indian coaches and mentors and start guiding the youngsters.

Players start getting used to the work ethics of foreign and Indian coaches. Coaches analyse the skills of domestic players and guide them on how they can improve their game. Foreign players available during the camp also get along with the rest of the squads and start working together. Domestic players learn new techniques from the coaches and foreign players.

Senior Indian players work as mentors during the camp. They keep an eye on each and every domestic player and give them the necessary advice to improve their game. Indian players also work on their own skills as well. Every season of IPL is an opportunity for them to make comeback into the Indian team. Foreign and Indian coaches are well aware of their skill. Coaches have the idea why these players are sidelined and they work on that part with Indian players. Coaches advice some necessary changes in the technique or the style of batting or bowling to remove that weakness and gain back consistency.

With Indian players, normally the problem lies with their mindset. Indian players who have been ignored often loose confidence or that positive frame of mind. Thus, coaches mainly work with them on that part in the training camp before the tournament. Training camp helps the coaches to find out the Indian domestic players for the season ahead. Training camp helps the coaching staff and captain to find the different combinations with the available set of skill.

During the IPL

When the tournament starts, a domestic player gets the atmosphere and energy of an international tournament. No more state players, only international players and their approach towards the game. Playing eleven of every franchise is made around international players (Indian and foreign both). The domestic players who get the chance in the playing eleven witness the approach and intent of the international players. Domestic players groom in such atmosphere. While international players see each other play and learn from the fellow teammates. International players notice the habits, strengths and weaknesses of fellow international which they later use it against each other in the international games.

As the tournament progresses the moods and the atmosphere changes in the dressing as per the position of the team in that season. Towards, the business end of the tournament, the teams who are in the contention of the top four tries very hard by keeping their energy levels up. Inexperienced players get the chance to see how international players fight their way out in the competition. And that spirit leaves an impact in those players’ career. The teams who are already qualified towards the business end of the tournament, experiment with new players and try some new combinations. In that, some domestic players who were waiting, get the chance and learn how to handle pressure and nerves during the crunch situations.

End of the IPL

It gets difficult to hold the nerves towards the end of the tournament. The pressure rises during the playoffs. IPL is the most attended cricket league in the world. So the pressure of audience is always there. The atmosphere during the playoffs is like the atmosphere during the world cup finals. Here, domestic players learn to approach the big games, they also learn to soak the pressure. The domestic players who take the field feel the heartbeat and sense the butterflies in their stomach. While international players gain more experience of playing in the finals. Coaches make sure that there is no panic in the camp. They keep the atmosphere relaxed.

After IPL

After the IPL, domestic players who go back in their domestic teams, share their experiences with other players. They try and create that atmosphere in the domestic team. They also share some useful tips which they got from their seniors and coaches during the IPL. A domestic player goes back in his domestic side after sharpening skill and gaining some maturity. After the IPL, the performance of the domestic player says everything. Under the guidance of world-class players, no one can gain more than domestic players. International players get their form and confidence back in their skill and make a comeback in their international side. They go in their international side with strengths and weaknesses of fellow international players and it is used during the international tournaments.

Every franchise hires world-class coaches for their sides. In some franchises, the coaching staff is more star-studded than the team itself. The talent and skill of players is nurtured under the legends of the game. As a result, India posses the strongest bench strength in the world. Due to IPL, all the domestic players are simply ready for the international level. Not only India, other countries also get the well-groomed players from IPL. IPL turns a small plant into a tree which gives fruit and shelter to their respective teams.

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