Rivalry gives the life to the game and makes it very interesting. Cricket without rivalry is exciting but it is not super exciting. Rivalry adds to the excitement. Since 2008, IPL has created rivalry among the teams and players which has made the tournament more interesting and exciting.

IPL team rivalries

Over the period of a decade, the teams in IPL has become the arch rivals of each other. The teams have fought in the finals, in the playoffs and for the place in playoffs. Top teams have denied bottom four teams a place in playoffs by outplaying them with their momentum and these things create rivalry among the teams in IPL. Here are some rivalries among the teams which fans love to see.

Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils

Mumbai and Delhi are two metro cities in India and they give each other tough competition when it comes to domestic tournaments. When it comes to IPL, both the teams unleash their best players to win every single match against each other. MI and DD have faced each other twenty times in ten seasons. Out of those twenty times, MI has won eleven matches and DD has nine. MI hold the slight edge in this rivalry but DD is not far behind. Both the teams have almost an equal number of matches against each other and give tough time to each other. Thus, it is one of the most lovable rivalries in IPL.

Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders

In the ten years of IPL, Mumbai Indian has won the tournament thrice while Kolkata Knight Riders has lifted the trophy two times. Both the franchises have had some great players in their side and Both of them are tough to beat but in this rivalry, MI holds the upper hand. Out of twenty-one encounters between the two franchises, MI has won sixteen matches and KKR has won only five matches. Although MI have had upper hand in this rivalry, KKR has put up a great fight. Both the teams have produced some close and nail-biting finishes that’s why fans love to see them against each other.

Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders

Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders have played twenty times against each other in the ten years of IPL. And out of those twenty encounters, KKR have won eleven while RCB has won nine. Two aggressive batting maestros Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir have added the spice to this rivalry. The altercation between Kohli and Gambhir is the reason why people love to see these two teams against each other. Moreover, the numbers also suggest that how competitive these two teams have been against each other.

Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore

Chennai Super Kings is led by the captain who has won all the ICC tournaments and Royal Challengers Bangalore is led by the one who has succeeded that man as captain of India. These two teams have faced each other twenty times in ten years of IPL. Out of those twenty matches, CSK has won twelve and RCB has won only seven. Who is better captain between Dhoni and Kholi adds spice to this rivalry. Fans term it as the ashes of south. The matches between these two teams are intense. CSK has denied RCB the trophy in 2011 and that makes this battle even more exciting for the fans.

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are the two most successful teams of IPL. MI has won the IPL three times and CSK has won the IPL twice. Fans often argue that if CSK has played all ten seasons of IPL then CSK would have also won the IPL three times. Three is the most important number in this rivalry. Since 2008, MI and CSK have met in the IPL final three times and MI has won two finals out of three. So clearly, MI holds the edge over CSK when it comes to IPL finals.

When it comes to overall record then both the teams are almost neck to neck against each other. Out of the twenty-two matches played between them since 2008, MI has won twelve and CSK have won ten. Denying IPL trophy twice gives MI the upper hand in this fierce rivalry. It started with CSK beating MI in 2010 final. Then MI has taken the revenge by denying CSK the trophy twice in the five years after 2010. This kind of competitiveness makes CSK and MI the biggest rivalry of IPL.

Rivalry amongst the players.

The rivalry in IPL is not only amongst the teams. There is rivalry among the players as well. When there is a contest between bat and ball. Sometimes batsman dominates the bowler. While sometimes bowler sent the batsman back into the pavilion. Since 2008, we have seen that IPL has turned some friends into the rivals. Players who have been seen playing together in the national side are seeing dominating each other in IPL. It has created rivalry among a lot of players and the rivalries among the players brings the excitement to the table. And when fans cheer while witnessing the contest between the players, IPL wins. Here are some rivalries among the players.

Carribean Rivalry

Everyone knows that Carribean players have issues with their cricket board and most of the big names don’t play for West Indies anymore. Thus they play twenty 20 leagues all over the world and they have formed a healthy rivalry among themselves.

Gayle and Narine

One brings the storm of sixes and other is economical and one of the most difficult bowlers to face. In ten years of IPL, Gayle and Narine have faced each other five times and Narine has had the upper hand over Gayle. He has dismissed Gayle twice and hasn’t allowed Gayle to score at the strike rate of even hundred.

Bravo and Pollard

These two all-rounders are the best friends off the field but when they are on the field they are fierce competitors. They bring their flavour on the field and when they are against each other, it had been the battle between Pollard the batsman and Bravo the Bowler. In the ten seasons of IPL, they have played each other nine times and in those nine games, the battle is quite even. In nine matches, Pollard has scored hundred runs from Bravo’s sixty-three deliveries. While Bravo has dismissed Pollard three times in those nine innings.

Kiwi and Aussie Rivalry

In IPL, national players of New Zealand and Australia also play against each other. And when they face their teammates knowing their strengths and weaknesses the battle gets exciting. Here, there is one kiwi rivalry and there is one Aussie rivalry.

Boult and McCullum (kiwi rivalry)

One is the fast swinging bowler and the other one just love to smash the ball in all parts of the ground. Boult made his international debut under McCullum but in IPL, he has played against him. They have faced each other three times and in all three encounters, McCullum has had upper hand over Boult. McCullum has scored more than forty runs in nineteen deliveries bowled by Boult to him. Boult hasn’t been able to dismiss McCullum even once. Boult to McCullum is key contests at any stage and fans love to see that contest.

Warner and Watson

Warner and Watson have played together in the Australian side for years and have won a lot of matches for Australia. In IPL, they have been fierce competitors. The contest between Warner the batsman and Watson the bowler have been even in IPL so far. In the five matches (in ten years) against each other, Warner has scored 34 runs from 20 deliveries bowled by Watson. And Watson has picked up the wicket of Warner twice on those five encounters.

Indian Rivalry

IPL produce a lot of players for Indian national side. And those players form a healthy rivalry against each other when they play in IPL. Here are the few Indian rivalries of the IPL.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ajinkya Rahane

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the most successful bowlers of IPL and Rahane is one of the most consistent batsmen in India. In this battle, Bhuvneshwar has been successful by a fair distance. In ten years, they have faced each other in twelve IPL matches and in those twelve matches, Rahane has been able to score only 69 runs from 75 deliveries by Kumar. While Kumar has dismissed Rahane for the six times in those twelve innings. Both are the key players for their respective teams and both try to give a good start to their teams. Thus it is a key contest.

Raina and Chahal

Raina is the legend of IPL and Chahal is the find of IPL. Both Raina and Chahal complement each other well when they don the Indian jersey but when it comes to IPL then they are competitors. In (ten years of) IPL, they have faced each other 9 times and Chahal has got better of Raina. Chahal has dismissed Raina four times in 9 innings and Raina has been able to score 81 runs off 60 deliveries bowled by Chahal. Their chemistry in the Indian team makes this a key rivalry of the league.

Kohli and Ashwin

Kohli is the run machine and is rewriting the record books almost in every innings. Ashwin has been a match-winner for India since he has made his debut. They have won India a lot of matches together but in IPL, Kohli has never allowed Ashwin to take the upper hand over him. Kohli has dominated Ashwin throughout the decade of IPL. They have faced each other fourteen times and Ashwin has not been able to dismiss Kohli even once. Kohli has scored 127 runs from 97 deliveries bowled by Ashwin. Only positive for Ashwin in this contest is that he has not given too many runs. Both of them are the Stalwarts of Indian cricket and when they play against each other, it becomes a key contest.

There are more such rivalries in the IPL and these healthy rivalries give life to IPL. IPL will keep producing such healthy rivalries to keep the excitement of the fans intact.

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