IPL was launched just after the first twenty 20 world cup. The format of the game was new and exciting. The concept of IPL too was new and exciting. No one thought that IPL will change the game completely. IPL has transformed the game. In international tournaments, experts and the legends of the game often discuss the changes which IPL have brought in the game. If the impact of a domestic tournament is discussed during the international tournament by the experts then it has definitely brought some noticeable changes in the game. In the world of cricket, IPL has created two eras. Cricket before IPL and cricket after IPL. Come on! Let’s visit both the eras of the game.

Cricket before IPL

There were two formats of the game. Test cricket and one day cricket. There was one more format of the game which fairly new in the era before IPL. That format was twenty 20. It was the exciting format in which cricket was celebrated with the music and dances. It was very different from two formats.

Test cricket is played over five days and the result comes at the end of the fifth day. Even if it is a low scoring match then also it ends in three days. The other format of the game one day cricket lasts over eight hours and people have to keep checking the score for hours to know the situation of the match. This twenty 20 format of the game was fast. A normal twenty 20 match lasted for just three hours and people don’t have to sit whole day in front of T.V to get the result.

In test matches, the players played the game keeping the duration of five days in mind. They played the game as per the situation of the day. Batsmen scored at the rate of three to four runs per over. While bowlers stopped them from getting easy runs and tried to get them out. In one day cricket, players played attacking cricket. In the given fifty overs or three hundred delivers, batsmen tried to score at least a run of each and every delivery to get three hundred runs on the board. While bowlers tried to stop batsmen from getting the total of 300. Twenty 20 format was a new format. In this format, each team is given one hundred and twenty deliveries to score the runs and defend the totals.

In this era, cricket world cup was the most popular tournament in the world of cricket.

IPL adopted this format and created the new era in the world of cricket.

Cricket after IPL

In this era, the formats of the game are the same but the way these formats of the game were played has changed. The popularity of test cricket has decreased drastically. People are not interested in watching the same match for five days. The players who play the test cricket has changed their techniques. In test matches, runs are scored quickly. Bowlers prefer to try tricks to get the batsman out rather than sticking to basics. Seeing the fall in popularity, day-night test cricket has been introduced. To attract the viewers, the longest format of the game is now played with the pink ball during the night time. It is an attempt to revive the popularity of the longest format of the game.

In one day cricket as well, the scoring rate has increased. In this format, four hundred has become the new three hundred. Batsman has started scoring quickly and has made the life difficult for bowlers. In the era ‘cricket before IPL’, three hundred was considered as winning total. While in this era, even four hundred can’t be considered as a winning total. The third and youngest format of the game has become the most popular format of the game. People prefer to watch this format more. Even players prefer to play this more than the longest format of the game. Life has become difficult for the bowlers. Batsmen have become ruthless. Runs are scored with the thicker bats. And they are being┬áscored in heaps in twenty 20 format. Five wicket hauls have become less important and fastest fifties and fastest hundreds get all the headlines.

Glamour, music and celebration have been added to the game in this era. In this era, IPL has become the most popular tournament in the world of cricket. In this era, money is in trend in the world of cricket. Players have become richer and are matching the incomes of the richest players of other games. IPL has forced cricket boards to pay a good amount of fees to the players. Even after that, majority of the income of a player comes from IPL. As the popularity has increased, the calendar has become busier. Thus in this era, players are getting injured on regular basis. In this era, the relations between the cricket boards have become sound. Even the relations between the players have also improved.

Along with money, fitness and street smartness is also in trend in the world of cricket. To survive in this competitive world, players have started keeping themselves fit and active. In this era, players flying while fielding. They are converting sixes into wickets. They are converting sixes into ones or twos. The kits have become more colourful, trendy and desirable. In this era, people prefer to watch matches on their mobile phones instead of television. IPL has brought that change not only in the world of cricket but in the world of sports. As mentioned earlier, IPL is the first tournament to be broadcasted online. It increased the viewership of IPL. Seeing that, every other sport and tournament was broadcasted online. Along with that, the life of players has become more public.

With the online broadcasting, the teachings of the game became accessible. The tutorials, expert analysis are accessible on the digital media. World’s top players put light on the techniques and tricks in the tutorials available online. So in this era, learning for the youngsters has become easier. With online broadcasting, not only teachings of cricket has become accessible but the teachings of every other game is also accessible on digital media.

In short, IPL has not only transformed the world of cricket but it has transformed the world of sports.

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